Monday, October 24, 2011


First hug to Mom!

President and Sister Paulson


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hey family! 
So I’m definitely tripping out! I’ve been super worried about your trip and everything! It amazes me that 2 years has come and gone! This week was good and crazy again! We juggled two areas for the first half of the week! Then had Zone Conference with a G A but this one went a lot better than the last one! haha He was very humble and soft spoken. Coming home I cried a bit. Its just really crazy and I love it here so much!! Then I called you and it was great, but I felt terrible after because I was just kinda down on the phone, so I’ve been feeling guilty about that!! Elder McDanel is super stressed because he is training! haha We have been working super hard to make sure the area is top notch for when his greenie gets here! I have had many spiritual experiences this week and I really love this mission!! we found two super great families last night and I am just mad that I won’t be here to teach them! I have so much to say I don’t know what to say! haha I’m super nervous about the whole seeing you guys again! Hopefully you still like me. It’s all so weird! It’s going to be a huge crazy clash of 2 worlds! It still just doesn’t seem real!! But I want you to know that I love you all sooooooo much!! I felt terrible the other night when I hung up because I didn’t make sure that you knew that! But I am so grateful for all of you and I can’t wait to see you! I’m honestly so scared and weirded out by this all! haha I can honestly say that it is a lot scarier coming home than going out!! But I’m glad you will be there! haha I love you all soooo much!! Please drive safe and have a great day!!! Text this number when you get in safe and sound so I won’t stress! haha Thanks sooo much! I love you all a ton! Love Elder Smith  

Monday, October 3, 2011


Hey family!

Payton, it sounds like you had the hookups for the Taylor Swift concert!! Is there another one!? I wanna be your date!! haha It looks like you guys had a blast!! So fun! It also looks like the cabin has a lot of new toys, and kids that in my memory aren’t old enough  to be playing with those kinds of toys! haha I can’t believe how big Alex is! He is looking fit to! I bet the ladies are all over him!! 16 is still a couple years away buddy!! haha Well, thank you so much for the b day package! I got it a couple days ago and I was like man this is probably the only chance I will get to open my b day present early and have it be ok! haha so I had Reeses for conference (: thank you so much! You guys are the best!! President Vahovick gave me a big apple pie today too! He is so great!! Well I honestly can’t believe where the time has gone!! 

This last week has been so hard and stressful for me!! Elder Pacis, a brand knew missionary this transfer that was in my district, went home because of homesickness! It was a terrible thing! He was a recent convert of only a couple years! I had a lot of chats with him before he finally made the decision! He would talk about it and change his mind and he kept going back and forth for like a week and then he finally did it! So he was in Kenora so this whole week we were driving back and forth in a threesome trying to juggle 2 areas! With that and all of the going home prep with making calls and people dropping us in our area and all sorts of other garbage, it was a mess of a week! haha My hair is definitely falling out more rapidly! I’ve just accepted that I will look like Dad, but not as handsome! haha It’s all good though I just gotta tell people that I’m Payton’s brother and I’ll get a wife for sure! ha ha It really has been a mess of stress, but man I have some great stuff planned for when you guys come! I have a lunch and supper apt for us for almost every day you are here! I wasn’t really planning on that, at all, but everyone wants to feed us! So you guys will get to try some Canadian, African and Filipino  food! It should be really fun! Hopefully that’s ok for you guys? And hopefully Elder Woods parents are as fun as he is! hahaha But I really just don’t have time to see everyone so I guess we will just kind of have to see what happens. I think I will probably get time to call you next week though, so I was wondering what your cell #s are now? Just fill me in (: but before I forget, I have the funny quote for the week! Something bad happened to someone and Elder Mcdanel said, “Oh man he’s SOL.” I was like, “Come on man, you can’t say that.” And he got all mad and he’s like, “What? All it means is save our lives.” ha ha ha I died laughing! It was funny stuff! It was so fun calling people this week though! I’m not done yet because I’ve just found a little time to make calls but it is so fun to talk to everybody again!! It really feels so good! It was so great to call Belatu though! I told her about our get together at the fireside and I wanted her to come and she was game, but I could tell she was uneasy about it and I didn’t know why, so I was like is that ok? Will that work? And she is like, “Ya, it will but I really wanted to have your family over for supper, I have something for your Mom and Dad.” She is such a wonderful lady! It sounds like she is doing so good! I’m so excited for you guys to meet everyone though! It will be a lot of fun! 

This week was very interesting with everything that happened! Conference made me bawl like a little girl!~ especially the Priesthood session! I loved all the talks but I love the one where he talked about his mission being "Sacred Ground" It hit me pretty hard! I couldn’t stop sobbing, so it was kind of awkward with the 2 Priesthood holders in the branch and the 3 missionaries. John and Pres Vahovick weren’t  there. But it was so good!! With conference, Elder Pacis going home, and my mission coming close to the end, it made me think a lot about what all has happened in two years. I look a little different...I have more zits, hemorrhoids, and less hair! haha But I wouldn't trade the last 2 years for anything! I think about Elder Pacis and it just makes me soooooo sick! it is such a sad deal because missions ARE such Sacred Ground! I have met so many amazing people and I have had so many wonderful experiences!! I have been sooo blessed in my life with an amazing family that supports me 100% and I have seen sooo many miracles out here! I just can’t show my gratitude enough for the wonderful blessings in my life!! I know that God lives and love us! I know that he hears and answers prayers! I know that I was supposed to come to the CWM! I am sooooo grateful to be here!! Missions are so hard and frustrating, but they are the best!! I’m so excited and happy for Payton!! SOOO PROUD! haha But thank you so much for all that you all do! All is well and I’ll talk to ya next p day! (: This week should be a good stressful one (: we have Zone Conference, 2 areas to juggle that are two hours apart, and John’s receiving the Priesthood on Sunday! (: The church is soooo true! I love you guys all a bunch! Love Elder Smith

Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey Family!!
What a week!!!! So this week was super crazy! haha but super great!! It looks like Payton’s week was super great too! hahah Tell him to tell all his girly friends that he’s gonna be gone for 2 years but I’m single and and an RM (: I sent a birthday package to him! Hopefully he got it by his b-day! I kinda doubt it though because he didn’t email this week! But tell him I love him and I’m soooooooooooooooooo proud of him!! He is such a champ! He is going to be a power house missionary!! This week has been great though. District meeting went well and it was off to a good start! We have knocked every door in this city and many of them a couple times to try and get everyone at home! So this week we didn’t look at our records and we went around inviting everyone out to the fries, dogs, and movie night! On Wednesday President Vahovick just shows up at our apartment at lunch time and pulls up a chair and ate lunch with us! hahah He is such a great guy! He had to do our apartment check and we had a great chat with him! It was weird cus you’re not allowed to have members in your apartment, but since he had to do the apartment check he was ok and it was neat! We had a good little correlation meeting for the Baptism and movie night and everything! It was fun and then he gave us his cell phone # haha and he is like “don’t tell anyone in the branch! No one knows that I have it but you and my wife!” haha I love that guy to death! He is such a country fishen’ hunten’ hick! haha so of course he loves Elder Mcdanel and me! haha But that was great! John called us up on Tuesday before our apt with him and asked if he could take us out to McDonalds! So we went over and had a great lesson with him and then we piled into his Jeep and he took us to McDonalds! It was a blast! He bought us a bunch of food! It was funny though because I didn’t tell you this but when he took us to Pizza Hut after we went golfing, he ordered an iced tea. So it was really awkward and we had to talk to him about it. haha But then at McDonalds I ordered a water and the water thing comes out of the same thing as the iced tea! hahaha So he called me out and I’m like hold up man! It’s just water! haha McDonalds really needs to change that! haha It was pretty funny though!! He is such a great guy! He is a man of hilarious quotes! haha This week we reviewed the Spirit World and he said " If the Spirit Prison doesn’t have a jail keeper, it’s gonna be a lot worse than prison here!" Then he gave his goofy chuckle! hahaha After we taught him about the Priesthood and temples he looked a little over whelmed and he looks at me all serious and says, "Well this is gonna take a lot more than the 10 to 15 minutes a night!" haha I love this guy!! haha Oh while I’m on quotes, I got some new ones from Elder Mcdanel. He always says, “Oh man that’s a BO (Bad Ordeal) haha But my favorite for the week is "Man! Some people’s kids!" hahahah Golden! But the fries, dogs, and movie night was a great success! Gerrald came early and helped get it ready!! It was great to see the light in his eye as he helped with it! He was loven’ it! He was even serving people and then he did most of the clean up! He’s a great guy!! John got his mom there and she loved it! He was a great help with clean up too! Then we watched the movie Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. It is soooo great and John’s Mom was crying! She tried to blame it on a cold, hahah It was sooo great!! It was a great night! Very stressful! hahaha Oh!!!!! I almost forgot! So the church as been stinky ever since I got here and they can’t figure out what it is! But we went in on Wednessday to clean the font! We got all of the storage stuff in there moved out and then lifted up the wooden thing over the font and this terrible smell comes up!! We look down in and there are spiders and beetles everywhere and a thick sheet of mold and nastyness covering the whole bottom of the font and it had climbed up the walls a ways! We tried scraping it off and it wouldn’t budge! So we go and get some brand new things of toilet bowl cleaner and just coat it!! The smell went crazy, so we got masks and went to town! haha Let me say that I have broken the Word of Wisdom more on my mission than I ever have before I came out! haha From people’s weed and cigarettes, and toilet bowl cleaner mixed with mold! haha We were way sick when we were done, but oh man that baby was shinen’! haha So that was a fun adventure!! So we were all locked and loaded for the baptism! John and President Vahovick both showed up an hour early! We had to fill the font and it took forever and the pipes were all rust so it looked like lake water or worse! haha We were mad after all of our hard work! haha But then we went to practice what would happen! They both looked nervous, haha And we go to practice and President Vahovick doesn’t know how to do it! hahah So I had to show them and they practice some more! haha President Vahovick is so great and he has a rock solid testimony but he definitely wasn’t raised in Mormonville! haha He has such a neat conversion story and has been a convert for like 30 or 40 years! He and his wife were baptized when they were young and she was pregnant! It’s neat stuff! You will definitely have to ask them about it! But after I showed him and John how to do it John asked him, “So how many people have you baptized?” President Vahovick said, “Well not that many and then he starts counting ‘um with his kids and then some friends in the church.” haha It was just funny cus they were both pretty stressed! haha But the meeting starts and it is going great!! We go in for the Baptism and President Vahovick starts and says the prayer wrong like 3 or 4 times! haha then he got it and it was golden!! after he was like " come on it was off by like one word" hahaha i love that guy! haha it was super great though and the spirit was super strong! johns mom kept saying "its so peaceful here! There’s something about this place, it just has a different feel than anywhere that I have been before! We have got to meet with them and get them to set a date!!! They are excited to meet you guys!! It was a great night though! The ward was super supportive and the food after was great!! It was golden! It was funny at the beginning because Elder McDanel had to conduct and he messed it up pretty good! I smirked and he was still in baseball mode. He lifted up his hands and gave me the “Oops, I missed the pop fly” look! It was great! But things are so good! Missionary work is great!! As for details, you can come to Dryden on Wednesday the 12th.  I will probably meet up with you at the Vahovicks or something. So get a room in Dryden for the night of the 12th and then Winnipeg for the 13th, 14th, 15th,  and 16, because we are leaving Monday right? But that should be great! Thanks so much for all that you do! If there are any questions give Sister Polten a call(: I love you! You guys a great!! Have a great week!! Love Elder Smith!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hey Family!!

You guys aren’t trunky at all! hahahaha When I opened Mom’s email all I could see all over the page was “when you get home...” haha It sounds like you guys are all doing great! I feel bad for Payt and his boredom! It’s good stuff though buddy! Enjoy it, but Mom just make sure I don’t have to deal with that when I get home! Mom and Dad, thank you so much for the work with getting me into school!! You guys are so great!! Did those letters I wrote work? I felt bad because they were terrible! What did you do with them? You will have to let me know because what I wrote wouldn’t even have gotten me into byui! Thanks for the great updates though! You guys are the best.

It’s been a crazy week because there is just so much running through my head! I have never been so stressed! hahah The Acutane and stress combo started making my hair fall out! So I was like, oh man, what’s less attractive, zits or baldness, then I saw Dad’s picture and I was like zits for sure! haha But the doc still thought I should go off the meds so I did! Luckily before I bought another month worth. I think I’m gonna stay away from that stuff! haha But I’ll get an antibiotic for the rest of the zits and it should all buff out! I’m doing great though! Blood tests were all good and no side affects, other than I was loosing hair when I washed it! Not a big deal and all is well!

It has been super stressful week though! On Monday all of our appointments bailed and we tracted in terrible weather! Like a blizzard with sleety snow rain! haha I felt dumb for complaining about the heat just last week! On Tuesday it was rougher weather again and we tracted a ton and just had one lesson with Gerald. It was ok but he is frustrating! Wednesday went pretty well with apts and stuff and we left in the evening and stayed in Kenora. I slept on the floor and didn’t sleep too well! Then in the morning we drove to Winnipeg for Zone Meeting! It was good but then we had to get Elder McDanel and Pacis's winter gear for them. So we didn’t get back to Dryden till Thursday night, so the whole day was shot. Then Friday we did weekly planning and got to work more than half the day and then the assistants stayed the night with us! It was a blast to catch up with Elder Woods! He is a champ!! Then Saturday morning all four of us left for Fort Frances for the district conference. We worked there Saturday and Sunday was the Conference. Saturday night I slept on the floor again in International Falls which was rough. We busted over to the conference in Fort Frances on Sunday morning and it was great and Elder Woods and President both gave great talks!! But this Sunday was supposed to be John’s interview. Now this is stressful enough, but on top of it, John was on vacation all week and so we hadn’t talked to him since the previous Sunday. We had told him we would call him throughout the week and we got it all set up but when we called, his phone wasn’t working!! So I was soooo stressed all week because the week before the interview is huge! Not talking to them the whole week is super bad news bears!! So I had all kinds of worries of his family giving him anti and stuff going bad so I was so stressed. But that Sunday before we told John we would meet him at the church at 3:30 and talk to him before the interview that was supposed to be at 4, and it had to go through because we are out in the boonies, so it’s gotta be planned well so someone can come for the interview, so he HAD to be there. So when the conference ended, we were gonna bust out and be to Dryden by 3:30, but we remembered that we needed Baptismal clothes from the International Falls building because Dryden has nothing! Which was on the other side of the border and some of our stuff was in I Falls car, but they had already left and they weren’t answering their phone. So finally we got ahold of them and Elder You and I got picked up by them. We crossed the border and booked it to the I Falls church and got the clothes. Then I Falls dropped us off at the border because you have to pay to drive across! haha So elder You and I ran across the border bridge in the rain with a big bag of white clothes hahaha! As you can imagine, we knew we would get questioned for the bag! And we did! haha We thought about saying "Sir these are clothes for a saving ordinance and we are late for an important interview," but we figured that would lead to more questions! Luckily, the Canadian border patrol is a lot nicer than the American one! No offense Sean Marshall! I’m sure you are nice (: haha But we made it across safe and sound and went and jumped into the car with Elder Woods and McDanel! While we were doing our crazy stuff they had gotten all of our stuff bagged up so it wouldn’t get wet in the pickup for the ride home! Then Elder You drove like a champ to try and get us there in time!! We rolled into town at 4 so I was soooooo stressed thinking maybe he forgot, maybe something bad happened, maybe he got stuck on the rainy roads from Thunder Bay, maybe he already came and left because we were 30 minutes late! aaahhhhh! I was all sorts of worked up! So we’re driving through the country road to the church and we rolled up and there’s John’s jeep in front of the church!!! woooop woooop!! We were all super pumped! haha So we talked to John and he sounds great!! He got interviewed and it went great!! He was in and out quick and Elder You said he was super ready!! It was super great!! It was a great end to the week, but this week is stressing me out! haha We have a Fries, Dogs and Movie Night we are doing for the branch and investigators on Friday, the baptism on Saturday and the confirmation Sunday! We still have to get people invited to the movie night and find a projector or something. We have to get John’s program all put together and we have to clean out the baptismal font because it is filled to the brim with stuff because they turned it into their storage closet because they haven’t had a baptism in forever! And I gotta throw together a District Meeting for tomorrow still! And all this would be normal, but all this home stuff is trippen me out and I’m supposed to get the calls for all that done. We’ve got a good week planned out though and we should have a fair amount of apts!

I’m just sad to say that I still have stress issues! haha I thought the mission would cure me (: I just hope it didn’t make it worse! haha Hopefully we have a good showing for the movie night and the baptism and church! I guess it’ll all buff out! But I love you guys all so much! You are so wonderful!!

Oh, exciting news for you!! I got a letter from Nicole Witbeck this week..that pretty blonde I hung out with before I left.... All that was in it was an announcement to her baptism!! She is now a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!! woop woop! haha I thought it was neat stuff! She has been off and on writing me, and I hadn’t heard from her for awhile so it was really neat! I’ve gotten 4 letters in the last 2 transfers, 3 for weddings and one for a baptism! Neat stuff! Life is so good! Missionary work is the best! I love you guys a ton! Thanks again so much for all that you do!

Love Elder Smith

Monday, September 12, 2011


Hey family!

First off, you guys are the best!!! Alex, I am scared out of my mind to see you!!! I can’t believe how mature you sound!! You’re not allowed to like girls yet!! NO DATING TILL YOUR 16!! HAHA Buddy, I’m so proud of you and the great kid you are! I loved your talk and I wish I could have been there for it! I’m gonna have to talk to the Bishop in a couple months and get you to speak again! haha Payt, I loved your email and testimony!! Powerhouse! Mom and Dad you are wonderful!! I love you all so much and I’m so grateful for all of you!!

Well, this week was another interesting one! It was hard, we broke Canadian heat records and we tracted A TON! It has been super hot! It doesn’t feel like September at all!! But it was a good week! So first off I wanna start by telling you some funny stories! haha First off, Elder McDanel had a sailor’s mouth before he came out here, so I have tried to help him with it a lot. He cut swearing before he got here, but all the other bad talk was still there. So, I’ve been working with him a lot with it and we played a game where I get a quarter every time he slips. haha I made bank! But anyways that’s the background and he’s gotten a ton better, but the other day we were tracting in an apartment building, just going door to door and in front of one door there was this huge birthday balloon, but it was full of water! Like huge! So we walk over, look at it all confused and Elder McDanel nudges it. No big deal, so we knock the door and don’t think much of it. No one was there, so we keep going and all of the sudden the water balloon breaks and water fills the hall and pours in under the door! And Elder McDanel goes, "Oh s***!" I look at him with an apalled look, not knowing what to do and then we both booked it out of there. He is such a punk and so I was mad about it, but trying so hard not to lose it laughing! Then we went out tracting and I hit my head on the rain gutter really hard and the whole thing fell off. Of course Elder McDanel thought it was hilarious and handled it the way Jordan Nelson would! It was funny stuff. Then on Saturday we showed up in the morning to the street we planning to knock and we run into two J-dub families with their kids and all out tracting! haha It was very interesting because there were two J-dub families and two Mormon missionaries having a throw down in the middle of the street! We could of taken ‘em! haha But we just had a nice little chat and then went to a different street! I’m getting to know them pretty well after how many times we have run into them. They hit the town hard though! Everywhere we went, the people told us the J-Dubs were there in the morning! It’s not a huge city and so we have already tracted it once through and some places we have tracted 2 or 3 times! We know everyone! I went in for my blood test today and seriously like everyone there I had talked too! haha It’s funny when you run into them in places like that!

Other funny story for ya. In Gospel Principles this week Gerald used the Lord’s name in vain, the “A” word and the “F” word all in one sentence to answer one of the question, and I was teaching the class! You don’t run into that one everyday! But the class was super good and he was just talking about his childhood, he wasn’t insulting my teaching (: haha It was also John’s birthday and so we made him cupcakes! The class loved them and he was thrilled by the whole thing! He has come so far and he is ready for baptism but things got moved around so his interview is set for this coming Sunday! He is such a goofy, great guy and I think he’s ready! The branch seems to love him! This week there were only 8 members there, counting us!! It was slim pickings!! But Gerald and John are unfazed by it!! Both of them were like the first ones to church, and Gerald was outside cleaning up trash when we showed up! They are both great guys! Gerald is coming along slowly. He has faced all kinds of garbage, but in our lessons this week the Spirit was super strong! He knows it’s true. It’s just now up to whether he will buckle down and do it or not. John’s lessons are great and always hilarious! He is super smart but almost too smart with dumb stuff! haha So he has some crazy tangents and he get the “deer in the headlights” look a lot! haha I love the man to death though!! This week Elder McDanel said, "So John, do you wanna be baptized?” And John said, “I wouldn’t keep showing up if I didn’t!" haha Just the way he said it cracked us up because he asked it after we had read in D&C where it talks about the qualifications for baptism. So it was like a serious moment and the way he answered was funny! It was good, we are stressed though because he is gone all this week and he gets back the day of his interview! Hopefully he is ready!! I think he is!! Things are going so great though!! The last month of a mission feels kind of similar to the month before leaving on one!! It’s just a mess of mixed feelings and a lot of stress to get things done!! I wanna finish strong! It’s craziness! But I love you all a bunch! Thanks for all that you do and have a great week!!

Love Elder Smith!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hey family!

Sounds like you guys had such a wonderful week!! Tell Madeline congrats! Payton I am so excited for you! I can’t wait to go to the temple with you!! You’re gonna have to get me back in the groove of going!! I haven’t gone in 2 years!! The temple is the best and I am so excited to go again! Dad, thank you so much for sending your testimony!! I loved it! At first I was sad Mom and Payt and Al and Addi didn’t send there’s, but your’s was so great and now I get to still hear there’s next week! Hopefully! Payton I’m so glad to hear that you are having a good time! q for ya? Do you have a temple in your mission? Let me know!! Mom and Dad you are amazing and I love and miss you a ton! I’m so grateful for all that you do!

This week was a rainy one here!! It was raining like crazy and I have this trashy umbrella that I sooo badly wanted to last the season! Fall is definitely here and I thought for sure it would make it but then a huge storm hit and the wind whipped off the top! hahaha So I had the umbrella top and the medal rod, in a nasty rain storm! I was pretty mad, but it was pretty funny! We knocked on a door and they let us in! I took off my shoes and my socks were soaking, so I sat down my mettle rod and then my umbrella top. It was so funny because this was in the wealthy neighborhood! So this house is nice and I left a wet trail walking in from my wet socks! haha Funny stuff! It was a rough lesson! They had no desire to do anything, but it was a funny experience! But after that, I cracked and had to go buy a 10 dollar umbrella! haha It’s nice! I went into the dentist again and he said he would fix it for free because he thinks it’s just a bad filling, so hopefully all goes good there!

Gerald is doing ok, but he is super sketchy lately! We had a great lesson with him this week, but then he bailed! He is frustrating! I love them a lot though!! John is hilarious and I love him to death!! I’ve got a funny story for ya in a bit but he is ready for baptism! Hopefully the interview goes well! It will hopefully be this week!! We found a new lady named Rosa this week! She is in her 70’s but she is such a sweetheart!! She had a little bit of Grandma and Grammy in her and it made me miss both of them! She came to church which was.... interesting! haha We only had like 10 active members there this week and then John, Rosa, Trustine and her kids, and it was fast and testimony meeting! aahhh! So President Vahovick goes first and takes seriously 2 minutes! Down to 9 people who can bear their testimony! So I kinda write a talk in my head and then fill some time! hahah I used between 5 and 10 minutes so about 35 minutes to go and 8 members! Everyone of them got up and it was sooooo good! Just great testimonies!! I love branches!! If you stay active in a branch you’ve got a straight shot to the Celestial Kingdom for sure!! But church ended up pretty good! John is doing really well and he is so funny!! This week we tracted in the rich areas a ton! All the houses along the lake. It is so pretty and there is so much wildlife! We see deer here everyday in the city. But, so funny story about John... He took off work to take us golfing! So yesterday on P-day we went golfing with him! It was so fun and hilarious!! One thing about Elder McDanel, you can take the boy out of the hick town, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t take the hick town out of the boy!! haha This kid is always after some animal, while we are tracting or doing something crazy! Then we go golfing and he’s pulling Happy Gilmore and he’s screaming and laughing and going through the pond for balls and throwing clubs! haha This kid is crazy but so funny and I love him to death! He has grown so much but I donno what John thought of the whole thing! haha He couldn’t help but laugh!! That was the hardest thing for me, is golf can be hilarious!! Like man, I was trying so hard to keep it in, but it was so funny!! The funniest part of it all is that Elder McDanel somehow destroyed both John and I! hahaha The kids got a good drive!! And he almost caught a frog! haha And he found enough balls to make up for all the ones I lost!! Good times! So golfing was a lot of fun!! Definitely a little stressful for me, but all’s well that ends well!! The week was good and I love being a missionary!!

We had district meeting today and it went really well! I have Elder McDanel and then two other greenies that got here his transfer, that are all in my district so it makes meetings really fun to teach!! It’s weird to see where they all are and to remember my first couple transfers!! Missionaries are the best and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be one!! I am so grateful for the Gospel and the blessings that come from living it! I am so excited for Payton!! Missions are the best!! Love ya all! Love Elder Smith

P.S. I got a funny story that might be sketchy for my actual email so I thought I’d tack it to the end! So we were reading with John this week and instead of reading “the last resurrection” I said the last erection. I just quickly corrected and no big deal right...... But Elder McDanel is there! hahahaha And he can’t NOT laugh, so he has this huge grin and his eyes start watering because he is trying sooo hard to keep it in!! He can’t do it, so he tries to pull it off as allergies! hahahaha So he’s fake sneezing and itching his nose and twitchen all crazy between gigles and saying, “Ahhh, stupid allergies.” Just like Napolian, beccause he IS from Preston you know! hahaha It was soooooooooooo funny! And I had to give it everything not to lose it!! He is definitely a hick from Preston!! But, it all buffed out so no big deal! Love ya all!