Monday, December 27, 2010



Thanks so much for the great emails and the wonderful Christmas call! It’s crazy because Christmas out here is so great, but so exciting to get over because you can get back into the routine of things! Even with having permission to call home and play wii and hangout at member’s, you just feel like a disobedient pile! haha By the end of Christmas day I was twitchen’ and sniffing my hands and making funny noises, hahahah! It will be so great when transfers are over today and we can just get back into the swing of things! It’s so funny how weird things are on a mission!

It was so great to hear from all of you though!! I loved hearing all of your voices! I felt bad I didn’t get to hear from Papa and Grammy! Please tell them thank you for the great card and tell them I love and miss them and they better be there for the next call! Please thank Gma and Gpa for all that they do for me! Their packages and letters never stop! Tell them I was so grateful to hear from them! Man, the call made you all real again, just for a little while. I saw the pictures today and I just can’t believe how big everybody is!! I can’t wait to go talk to girls with Payt and Alex! haha Those two are studs! I’m so grateful for all of you! You are the best and I love and miss you so much!!

I don’t have much to update you on! Church was lame this week because it was Boxing Day and no one came! There were just over 60 people there. . . IN A WARD! It was ridiculous! And no investigators came! Kind of a shot to the face right after Christmas. But I’m excited for this week! It’s gonna be crazy though! We have Zone Leader Council tonight that we still aren’t ready for, we have Stake Coordination on Saturday and Elder Woods has never done it and we haven’t even started! We have transfers in about an hour and we have to get this area going a little bit better! It’s ridiculous. It’s the best though!! This area is in a little bit of a slump, but I have learned so much and I’m so excited for the potential of this next transfer!

Addison, I will do my best to find you a hockey jersey! Your present is gonna get there late though! Sorry! I already got ya some neat stuff though, so it will all be there soon! Mom, Dad, Payton, Alex and Addison, you are all the best!! I love and miss you all so much! I have the best family ever!! Sorry I don’t have a ton of time to write today I gotta get going! I love you all so much though!

Oh, and Mom, just for the heads up, the Canadians hate January and February too, so they throw in like a ton of Monday holidays! haha So if I don’t write, don’t stress because it’ll just probably be later on in the week! I don’t know when all the holidays are though. So just keep writing before Monday!!

I love you all a ton! Be safe and have a great week! Payt, live it up skiing, but please be careful and safe driving and skiing!! love ya all! LOVE ELDER SMITH!