Sunday, November 7, 2010



So, it was a great week, but a lot of not so great things happened! haha I’m getting zits again, I have hemorrhoids, we have bed bugs, and I got another speeding ticket!! So I thought long and hard about Christmas, like you asked. And I was just wondering if you would forgive me for all the money I have to blow on Preparation H, face wash, suppositories, dry cleaning, and speeding tickets? haha I’m sooooooo sorry about the ticket! I hate photo cops!! I asked to not drive anymore and the vehicle coordinator laughed and said, “Ok... well you can’t anyways until you come and watch the defensive driving video!” haha Luckily, it doesn’t do anything to my insurance or my record or anything because they can’t prove it was me. It is just the fine, that has to be paid!Hopefully I can talk them down again! But I’m so sorry, I feel way bad. I got it racing to church. It is so ridiculous because I slow down in all intersections so I won’t get them but it was a hidden one in between intersections! I’m so sorry!!!

So for Christmas, I was just hoping for a new copy of my Patriarchal blessing, with more ink and Mom’s name spelled right. Also, no books please. I love all the books you’ve sent, but I’m not aloud to read them and so they just sit in my suitcase. I’m way excited to read them at some point though!! Also, I know you won’t send just my blessing because you’re amazing and stubborn! haha So would you get scriptures for EMMANUEL AYENI, with his name on them. He is amazing and he lives in our ward now! He comes and helps us teach a bunch. And if you can’t remember, he was the first man I taught, that got baptized! If you did, that it would be so great!! I am allowed to listen to books on tape in the car when we drive, so if there is a good one on the Atonement or the Gospel or something, I would love that! Also, zit pills and I promise I’ll take them. haha I don’t like the rub on stuff because it makes my skin too sensitive, but if the doc has any magic pills, that would be so great! And yes, choke cherry syrup is always the best! Please don’t worry about sending a bunch of stuff, though!! The scriptures and phone call would make a great Christmas!! You are the best!! Sooo sorry for all of the blown money on stupid stuff!! If you’re mad or out of money, just stop putting money in the account, hahaha You are amazing!! Elder Holland brags about his Dad paying for his mission, my parents pay for my mission, plus speeding tickets, hemorrhoid and acne treatments, and anything else you can think of!! You are so amazing and I love and miss you so much!!

Mom, sorry I won’t be there to make you a cake, but you can count on one next year! Your gift is coming, but it’s late and lame!! Hopefully you will forgive me!! You’re the best!!

So this week was crazy!! All this ridiculous stuff happened, but it really was a great week!! I really have been so blessed!! Bed bugs were figured out fast. Suppositories give you the best poops ever! And I can read my scriptures more when we are driving, now that I am the passenger!! Also, Celia is doing amazing!! She passed her interview on Sunday morning and she will be baptized this Wednesday!! She has been ready for a little while, but she was set on the date she set to begin with!! I don’t know why we set it so far away! We didn’t think she’d be able to quit weed and coffee so fast, but she stopped the day we taught it and only had one slip up!! She is so amazing and she has a great testimony!! But she heard Elder Leonard was getting transfered and she wanted to move it up so that he could be here! Before the general authority came, the mission was against this kinda thing, but he said baptism is like Christmas. . . why wouldn’t you want it to come now, if you are ready! So, President was all game. It will be a great week!! She is so ready!! So she will get baptized Wednesday and Elder Leonard leaves for Saskatoon on Thursday! I’m staying here for another one and I’m excited about it!! I will be serving with Elder O'Driscoll. He is a champ! He’s the one who had a rough start but is tearing up Brandon right now! He is the only new Zone leader this transfer and he’s great! I’m kinda nervous because I don’t think that I know all the zone leader stuff and I have to show him. I guess if it doesn’t go well, I can blame it on Elder Leonard! But I’m excited because I have never served with someone like Elder O'Driscoll before! He’s comparable to Matt Collette. Like he’s super hard working, but a goof ball, so hopefully all goes well! I’m sure I’ll learn a ton!

The area here is doing so good!! We really had a great week and we are teaching some amazing people!! I had a funny story for ya though!! We were teaching a less active family who has been getting more active, but the mom was engaged to this guy and they called off the wedding. But he is still hanging around! He was over at their place the other day and we were teaching and he said that he had some issues with the church. So his “girl friend” (I guess) haha said “like what?” All of this is in front of me and my companion. He said, “This law of chastity thing, I just don’t get it!” She said, “Well you can’t have me until I have a ring and you can’t give me a ring until you turn things around and get baptized!’ haha So we were a little shocked by that, but we kinda just sat there nodding our heads. He started arguing with her and then says, “I just can’t keep myself off of you!” He then looks over to us (the 20 year old kids) and says, “Don’t you think this is crazy!?! She’s being ridiculous!” He said it with hope that we’d back him up! hahaha So I started teaching the law of chastity and he wasn’t too happy! Once he saw that we weren’t gonna back him up, he started arguing with her again. She then started taunting him, waving her fingers at him saying, “You don’t get any of this without a ring on my finger.” hahah He finally stood up and said, “Fine! We are done!” And he stormed out! She laughs in shock and said, “Well, I don’t care, I want to get to the temple!” It was pretty crazy!! Also hilarious and the funny part is that he showed up to church two days later with her! Funny stuff!! It’s amazing the funny things you see happen!!

Also, in our area there were 3 shootings last week. I almost didn’t tell you this because I didn’t want you nervous because we are 100% safe and we stay in good, safe areas at all times, I promise!! I told you because our area used to be the scariest area in the mission, but since the shootings, there are 2 cop cars on every corner. I thought it would give you comfort, because now our area is the safest area in town!

Things are going so great though!! We are teaching a ton of great people that have set dates and I will try and update you on them next week!! Missions are the best! Its funny because Elder Schulte came back to visit after being gone only 6 weeks! He is way depressed and misses the mission sooo much! I felt so bad for him!! It made me so grateful to be out here though!! Missions really are the best!! I’m safe healthy and happy and if it wasn’t for amazing parents, I would also be in debt!

Again, I’m so sorry for the ticket!! I love you all so much!! I’ll look forward to telling you how the baptism goes! It should be another great week!! I love you a ton and tell Payton and Alex and Addi that I’m glad to see they aren’t too torn up that I’m still gone! hahahah Tell ‘em I love ‘em and I would love to hear from them! Tell Payt it’s fine, I know he’s way busy with stuff! Give me an update on the arm! Love you!

Love Elder Smith