Monday, January 10, 2011


Addison Congratulations!

That is soooo exciting and I am sooooo proud of you!! I can’t believe how big you are!! It’s ridiculous!! I can’t believe how fast life goes! It’s scaring me out of my mind!! I remember my baptism so clearly it is ridiculous to think how long it has been!! Mom would you please send a picture of Addison’s baptism quilt! I remember how important my quilt has always been to me! Even till the day I left on my mission, I wouldn’t let anyone touch my bed because I didn’t want anything to happen to my quilt!! You are amazing Mom! But Addison, I am so proud of you!! You are the best!! Dad, I am some what concerned though... does a “commando confirmation count!? hahaha That cracks me up!! I just can’t believe that I didn’t hear about it until now! I just remember you helping me get my wet clothes off. It was one of those neat experiences in my life where it was just me and you together!! It’s funny now to think that you were probably stressing. It’s also fun to think back to all of the great amazing experiences I’ve had in life where it was just me and you! Good times!! It made me laugh to hear that some things never change with you though! Even when I’m on my mission, you can’t follow through with working out every day! Payt, I’m so glad that you are enjoying life! It sounds like you are having a blast! Keep tearing things up and love every day!

Well, honestly this week was so great!! We re-evaluated what we were doing and the area and this week went great! We fasted at the beginning of the week and things really just went so much better than they have been going! We have been working so hard, but this week really helped me to realize that I have been relying on myself way to much and not enough on the Lord! It’s so easy to get prideful in life when we see success, but after looking back on the last year and my mission, even my life this far, I can say that every good thing that has happened on my mission and in life has been because of the Lord. I cannot believe how blessed I really am! I have gotten to see so many miracles and met so many wonderful people and it is all because the Lord has blessed me with these wonderful opportunities. It’s so hard to realize sometimes, but man I am so blessed!! But this week we really tried hard to rely on the Lord and be more grateful for the blessings we receive everyday and it really made the week so much easier and so much less stressful and so much better!! We taught tons of great lessons! We were let in 3 days in a row while tracting to teach people and all of the lessons were great! Maritess has a rock solid testimony and will get baptized once she gets a new job so she doesn’t have to work Sundays! Amie, Godwin, Dominique, Mattie, and this less active member we have been teaching and her daughter, all made it to church! We found some amazing people and are so close to getting others to come to church and set dates!! We were honestly so blessed!! I got to watch Robert Hase (the man I interviewed) get baptized and Mattie was there to watch it and it was the same day as Addison’s! It was just such a great week and for a cherry on top Emmanuel was called and set apart Sunday as a Ward Missionary!! And get this!! He spoke on Sunday!! hahahahah Also, in Waverly Ward, Celia’s sister in law was baptized and Belatu gave the closing prayer. She also spoke at the last baptism because she has been helping fellowship people like crazy!!! Emmanuel’s talk was so great! (for those that could understand his strong Nigerian accent! haha He has such a strong testimony and I love him to death!! Funny thing is that his tardiness never changes! He is always fashionably late to everything (usually over 10 mins. late) haha Wether it’s his baptism, confirmation, church or EVEN church when he is speaking! The Bishop was messing his pants! In all, this sunday morning we pounded down doors waking people up for church and then I threw together a talk in 10 minutes. Emmanuel, Brother Crezsenzi, the ward mission leader, and I all spoke! It was all so great!! I love being a missionary!!

I love you all so much and I’m so grateful for all that you do! Addison, I am so proud of you!! Have a great week! Oh and hello from Brandon! We are here for a Zone Meeting again already! Crazy!! Oh, also one of the 70 spoke to us this week and it was so great. (Elder C Smith) I didn’t get called out or nothin! haha But I got talking to his Assistant and he fly fishes and he lives in Montana. He gave me a card and we are hitten’ up the Missoula River in Montana in a year or so... you game Dad?? haha He wants to trade trips! I think he said the Missoula??? I don’t know, he said the best river in Montana to fish in a drift boat. I told him the South Fork was better, so we will see! haha I love and miss you all so much! You are the best! Have a great week and I’ll talk to you next week!

Love Elder Smith!