Monday, April 4, 2011



Man! I can’t believe it! It is sooooo exciting!!! Everyone here was so caught off guard!! It was so great because we were there for conference and we had Ronald and Laury there for the first session!! We sat down and all was going good. President Monson started and I was excited about the Idaho one and then they announced the Winnipeg Temple and the place just went crazy!!! hahaha It was so wonderful! It was the first time I’ve ever heard so much gasping, clapping, screaming and crying in the chapel!! The Spirit was so strong and I was trying not to bawl and trying to explain what was going on to Ronald and Laury! I don’t think what I said made any sense and I’m pretty sure they still had no idea what was going on, but I don’t think there is any way that they didn’t feel the Spirit!! I LOVE CONFERENCE!!! IT WAS SUCH A WONDERFUL WEEK!! I just can’t believe that we are getting a temple!!! I haven’t been to the temple in a year and a half and I love and miss the temple so much!! We take the blessings of the temple so for granted in Idaho!!! It is such a wonderful thing to have a temple close by! There are members here that for years have driven 7 hours to Regina, at least once a month. They are all so excited!! It’s such a neat thing to be here for!! It really just re-excited everyone for the work!! It is such a neat thing!!

But man, this week all around was great! Our meetings in both Brandon and Winnipeg went great! We put together a fun object lesson - relay race thing and it went great!! I love teaching!! It is so fun when it goes well!! We had some wonderful lessons and we are working with so many good people right now!! Ronald is amazing and so ready!! I hope he pulls the trigger soon!! He is so ready!! The Spirit is so strong when we teach there!! His sister makes us amazing food too!! And Mom and Dad, I’m so sorry but my table manners have gotten worse while I’ve been here! hahah In the Philippines the only table rule is enjoy your food!! The last couple meals we have eaten with our hands. We had fish and rice the other day and my hand smelt fishy the rest of the week! My manners have gotten worse, but I’m getting really good at eating with my hands and eating with a spoon in my right hand and a fork in my left! Double fisting is suggested!

Ronald came to 2 sessions of conference though, and he seemed to really enjoy it! He is so great! We have a ton of great people we are working with!! We had 9 different investigators that came to conference!! It was so great!! Bruce and Karla are still working towards their date but they both have some things to get over before they will be ready! Ronald is ready, but he just needs to decide to take the leap of faith! I feel that he knows it’s true, but he’s just scared of the reaction of his family! They were hard on Sister Avila (his sister) when she was baptized so hopefully he can make the leap!

We have been so blessed and I’m so excited to see what’s to come in the next few weeks!! So I had a funny story for ya! We were teaching Karla and Keri the other day. Keri is a less active member that is great and his GIRLFRIEND is Karla. She’s the one investigating and she’s great but we decided to go through the baptismal interview questions and talk about what all we still had to teach and what she had to do to be ready for baptism. We knew she was all good except the law of chastity issue because they are living together. So it gets to that question and we read it and briefly describe it and sit there in silence! Keri says, "awkward silence......" He turns to Karla and says, "We need to get married!" haha It was so funny. Me and Elder Lovelace were both trying to not laugh! haha They are way good and I think all will workout, but we have to wait till there married first. Hopefully all goes well there! But man, missions are the best!!! I learned so much from conference and I’m so excited to go crazy applying it all!! The gospel is so true!! It’s such a neat thing because no matter where you go, the gospel is still true!! I am so grateful for how blessed I have been to have always had it in my life! It’s so crazy how much we take it for granted. We have church, the scriptures, prayer, the priesthood, prophets, apostles, the temple and more and so often we don’t take advantage of it all! I’m so grateful for all that I have been blessed with and I’m so grateful for all the love and support that you all give me! Thanks for the wonderful emails and the vacation update!! You are all so wonderful! Be safe and smart and have a great week!!

Love Elder Smith

P.S. Mom, definitely schedule in being here for the dedication!! hahaha Man it’s sooooo exciting! Love you!!