Thursday, March 25, 2010


Juliet's Baptism!

Elder Leonard, Juliet, ME

Hey Friends and Family!

First off, thanks a ton for the emails from everybody! I loved them! Tanner (Crezee’) is an animal! We couldn’t get anyone to church our first week here. . . let alone have two baptisms!! What a stud! And I loved Clark Hatch’s email! I feel for him and I loved what he said! Oh, also I got your emails (that didn’t come through) from the Watson’s that next day! They are amazing and thanks so much! You’re the greatest Mom!

This week was definitely a turnaround!! But man it was a roller coaster of emotions for me!! My comp I think is sick of the way I like to do things, but he knows its what we should be doing, so he goes with it! It’s been hard and I’m doing my best to get along! He’s a great kid but he’s sick of tracting! ha ha We have mixed it up with members and less active work, which has been great, but we are still tracting a lot! I don’t know what we are gonna do though because there are only so many houses in Selkirk! haha But we are definitely seeing things turn around! We actually got part of a family to church this week! It wasn’t much, but it was an improvement! They are a family that the Mom got excommunicated, but she wants to change and I think the kids are coming around too! The missionaries used to go just hang at her house and the few other investigators that have been around for years. So I ended that and said we would come and teach with a member but otherwise we weren’t coming to just hang out. I think this frustrated my comp but it’s what we need to do, and he agrees with that. So we’ve actually been teaching some of these people and its been great! The excommunicated Mom made it to church with one of her kids and we taught them and both kids said they wanted to be baptized! We are meeting with the whole family this week! Crazy Dad included, and we are going to try and set some dates!

We also met with a lady named Sandy, who has been around for a bit and she is starting to progress! The other day we were teaching one of the old investigators and she said, “Wow, you’re a lot more aggressive than the other missionaries! haha I hope that’s a good thing! But she has agreed to meet with us, with members from now. We had a good lesson with her the other day! We also found a great kid named Remi that we taught and we are hoping he will be ready to set a date this week! We will see! We also found a family of 6! They are great and we helped them set up there blinds and we are meeting with them tonight! We have three appointments tonight with investigators, with members coming! That’s unreal! haha I’m way excited!! We are being blessed for sure and I really think things will start to happen here in Selkirk!!

Also, we got to go back for Juliet’s baptism and it was the best night ever! She asked me to speak on the Holy Ghost and I got to be a witness for her baptism! Elder Leonard baptized her and it was great!! And Akon was there!! So I got to see them and I really think they should set dates soon!! President talked to her about her husband and about a game plan!! It was sooo great though! Juliet had a huge smile the whole night!! I’ve never seen her so happy, excited and confident!! She probably shook my hand and thanked me a thousand times! I love her to death! haha And Elder Willardson was there! When it was me, him, and Elder Leonard there talking to Akon’s family and Juliet and the Bishop, I could have died right there and been happy!! haha It was sooo great!! It was such a pick up week, but hard too because I don’t know how to handle my comp! I’m worried that maybe I’m taking too much charge, but at the same time he agrees with what we are doing, he just wants some things different I think. There are a couple ladies that he still wants to stop by and just chat with, but I want to either teach them or not go over. We asked them if we could come teach them with a member but they said no. They are women, so we aren’t aloud to teach them without a member, but my comp wants to keep stopping by their house just to chat on there doorstep (which I think is breaking the rules anyways). But I don’t know, I can tell he isn’t happy with it but he knows it’s right. And don’t get me wrong, he is a great kid and we get along fine but I don’t know! haha Things really are going good though!! It was a great week! We are hoping to have a lot more at church this week, but we will see.

Alright, I have some questions! Is Landon (Walker) alive? How is Matt (Collette)? Can you get me their information so I can say hello? Also, can you send me my orthodics that Uncle Kelvin made. Thank you so much for everything! Tell Addison, “Yes I miss and love her sooooo much!” The same with all of you!! Tell Tanner he is a stud and Clark too! And thank Grandpa and Grandma for the great letters!! They are the best! You guys are the best and I love you so much!! Keep up the great work!! Love you! Payton is a stallion and Dad is the best! Alex and Addison are too cute! haha Just know I love you all so much and I’m so grateful for you!

One last thing, I wrote a letter to Bishop Russell awhile back and I was pretty excited when I wrote it! haha Did he say anything about it? Hopefully I didn’t say anything too crazy.

Love, Elder Smith!

P.S. Sorry I was so down last week! I was on exchange with my District Leader and he is a real pile! haha He is so disobedient and he goes home in four months! It’s ridiculous but I learned sooo much because of it! I was really down but going on an exchange with him got me excited about getting back to Selkirk! ha ha I’m so grateful for how hard things have been though! I’ve learned a ton!! And I’m sure I’ve got a ton more to learn! ha ha It’s so funny though because you can let every experience either take you away from God or bring you closer to Him! I’ve really learned to love the harder days. . . not more than the good ones of course. ha ha But things are great! Life is great! Thank you so much for all of your prayers! I know they have helped!! I love you so much! please tell the rest of the fam i love and miss them a ton! i loved all of the emails!! they were sooo great!