Monday, October 18, 2010



Wow, I was just emailing ya! haha I should of just skipped last week! Sounds like Payt is still hanging in there! Mom you are amazing!! I just can’t get over all that you and Dad do for us!!! You are the best!! There was a talk in church from President Robison yesterday in ward conference that really made me think!! He talked a lot about the large roll his parents played in his life and in the gospel, even though his dad was an inactive member. And NO, it didn’t remind me of you because I’m worried about Dad going inactive because he’s turning into a redneck! haha It really made me think about how blessed I have been!! I honestly have the best family ever!! Mom and Dad, you do so much for me!! It’s funny because I have a reputation in the mission for being the most loved son! And it is so true!! You do so much for me and I am so sorry that I wasn’t more grateful!! You are the most amazing parents ever!! I love and look up to you sooo much! Thank you for all that you do for me!!

Now, on that note... Mom are you going soft on me!?! I thought Addi wasn’t getting her ears pierced till she was 12!? haha What’d she do to talk you into it!? I had to atleaste give you a little bit of a hard time for that!! Payt, buddy I hope you are doing well! Keep relaxing and keep your head up and focus on skiing season! I want lots of pics, so you better go get a camera!! Stay safe and heal quick! Love ya buddy!

So this week was good! Or I guess the last 4 days! So Kerry got shipped back to New Zealand and is hopefully being taught there now. But we found some great people this week and had some amazing lessons! Celia is really good!! We taught the Word of Wisdom and she’s been clean from marijuana and coffee for 3 days now!! It has been hard on her but she is doing so great!! Last night she called because she was supposed to call if her cravings were really bad and if she had already tried reading, praying, and deep breathing! haha She called and she had locked herself downstairs with her Book of Mormon. She said that she had prayed and started crying and she felt really good and uplifted, but then the cravings were hitting hard! We talked about it on the phone and then I said a prayer with her over the phone. She is so good and I think if she makes it through this week, she will be set and we might even move up here date!

Since Elder Sybrowsky came, President is all about setting dates as soon as possible. Celia is such a great lady and it amazes me that she is doing what she is doing! I often wonder if I were in the same situation, if I would have the guts and diligence to try to push out addictions and all the other things she has just always known and done!! It is such a neat thing to see!! The gospel truly changes lives and it is amazing!!! Hopefully she can continue to stay strong and get through these addictions!! I just now talked to her on the phone again and she’s doing all good!! She turned down her friend for coffee this morning!! I’m super excited for her! Keep her in your prayers!!

Because of all the crazy stuff last week, I forgot to tell you that Lauren, in Selkirk, was baptized! He is the man that Elder Platt and I found. I taught him most everything, but when I left, he was still struggling with the Word of Wisdom. Elder Platt worked with him and then was transfered right before the baptism! So last Saturday, Elder Platt and I got to go up to it and I was asked to speak, last minute. haha I didn’t have anytime to prepare, but luckily I’m a missionary and I talk about baptism a lot so it was no stress! haha It was great driving back up with Elder Platt! He is a great kid and he is doing great work in Agnes, which is now called Stafford. When I left, the Agnes apartment shut down and the area got bigger because there are going to be less missionaries. So now they are in Stafford, same area, just a bit bigger! Elders Platt and Skinner are tearing things up there!!

Last night we had an amazing appointment with a man named James. He set a baptismal date and he is quitting smoking today. But he lives just out of our area, so we have to turn him over. It will be good for the elders there though!! They have both been out a year and neither of them have seen a baptism! They are great elders, but just haven’t seen much success!! They were way excited when we turned James over, so it was good!

I went on exchange with Elder Perry, one of the Assistants to the President and it was great!! He has a full ride football scholarship when he gets home. He loves fly fishing and hunting and he is an amazing missionary!! I learned a lot and we had a blast!! Elder Oberg, the elder that wanted to go home, met with Elder Sybrowsky and he’s a fireball now!

Oh and yesterday a drunk man ran into our car with his bike! We were about 20 feet away street contacting! He jumped up and took off! We didn’t know what to do, we ran over, but he was gone to quick to do anything! Now our car has no side mirror and a big gash down the side! haha It’s ridiculous!!! It’s been a crazy, but great week!! I love my mission so much!! It is such a crazy, amazing experience!!!

Oh and finally I’ve been making homemade fries almost everyday! We usually don’t have time for supper, so we make fries before bed, while we make our calls. It is great!! We have almost gone through a 50 pound bag of potatoes this transfer! haha And our kitchen is now a grease pit! hahaha Life is great! I’m healthy and loving everyday!! I love and miss you all a ton! Stay healthy and safe!!

Love Elder Smith