Monday, December 27, 2010



Thanks so much for the great emails and the wonderful Christmas call! It’s crazy because Christmas out here is so great, but so exciting to get over because you can get back into the routine of things! Even with having permission to call home and play wii and hangout at member’s, you just feel like a disobedient pile! haha By the end of Christmas day I was twitchen’ and sniffing my hands and making funny noises, hahahah! It will be so great when transfers are over today and we can just get back into the swing of things! It’s so funny how weird things are on a mission!

It was so great to hear from all of you though!! I loved hearing all of your voices! I felt bad I didn’t get to hear from Papa and Grammy! Please tell them thank you for the great card and tell them I love and miss them and they better be there for the next call! Please thank Gma and Gpa for all that they do for me! Their packages and letters never stop! Tell them I was so grateful to hear from them! Man, the call made you all real again, just for a little while. I saw the pictures today and I just can’t believe how big everybody is!! I can’t wait to go talk to girls with Payt and Alex! haha Those two are studs! I’m so grateful for all of you! You are the best and I love and miss you so much!!

I don’t have much to update you on! Church was lame this week because it was Boxing Day and no one came! There were just over 60 people there. . . IN A WARD! It was ridiculous! And no investigators came! Kind of a shot to the face right after Christmas. But I’m excited for this week! It’s gonna be crazy though! We have Zone Leader Council tonight that we still aren’t ready for, we have Stake Coordination on Saturday and Elder Woods has never done it and we haven’t even started! We have transfers in about an hour and we have to get this area going a little bit better! It’s ridiculous. It’s the best though!! This area is in a little bit of a slump, but I have learned so much and I’m so excited for the potential of this next transfer!

Addison, I will do my best to find you a hockey jersey! Your present is gonna get there late though! Sorry! I already got ya some neat stuff though, so it will all be there soon! Mom, Dad, Payton, Alex and Addison, you are all the best!! I love and miss you all so much! I have the best family ever!! Sorry I don’t have a ton of time to write today I gotta get going! I love you all so much though!

Oh, and Mom, just for the heads up, the Canadians hate January and February too, so they throw in like a ton of Monday holidays! haha So if I don’t write, don’t stress because it’ll just probably be later on in the week! I don’t know when all the holidays are though. So just keep writing before Monday!!

I love you all a ton! Be safe and have a great week! Payt, live it up skiing, but please be careful and safe driving and skiing!! love ya all! LOVE ELDER SMITH!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Szypkowski Visit


Man it’s Christmas time already! This is ridiculous!!! haha Payt, be safe skiing!! And be careful on the ride there!! I can’t believe how old you all look! Was A-Rod in my old snow board boots!?! You all look way too old!! I can’t believe that the Szypkowskis came and saw you!! I love their family! They are sooo great! And so upfront and they are work- aholics! I hammered 10 to 1 of Elder Platt’s nails and one of them hammered 10 to 1 of my nails! haha They are sooo great! And Miki is gonna be going on his mission soon!! Their family is the best! Tell them I miss them a ton! You can also tell them I’m better with a nail gun! They hammered all of the chicken wire up for the walls, by hand! haha They are crazy!! It was a blast though!! Tell Chris I can’t wait for the hunting trip to try out his over-under! I had to turn him down when he handed it to me at his place. hahaha I got so trunky then! He took a shot, reloaded it and then handed it to me! I wanted to shoot so bad! They are great though! Mom, make a filling meal! All of the food they eat is super heavy and filling!! I loved it but after just a couple bites I was stuffed! haha They know how to eat, but they are super skinny! I don’t know! But tell them I miss em!!

So this week was a gooden!! We are teaching a ton, but really having struggles getting people to progress and come to church! We are working through it, but we got transfer calls this week and I’m staying again!! Elder O'Driscoll is headed for Regina! I think I will break the record for longest time spent without breaking the Manitoba border! I love it! Winnipeg is the best! Elder Woods was a district leader and so I get to be with him for his first transfer as Zone leader! He is a champ and I am super excited! I’m sad to see Elder O'Driscoll go, but super excited to be with Elder Woods!! I will learn a ton from him! He came out with me and he is a champ!! Also Elder Leonard is the new assistant to the President!! So he’s back in Winnipeg! This is definitely the hardest area I think I’ve served in, but I’m super excited for this next transfer because I think a lot of great things will happen!

I had a funny story for ya this week though! We went out teaching with Emmanuel and I

gave him his scriptures!! He was way excited!! Mom and Dad, thank you so much!! Emmanuel just kept saying "thank you! Tell your mom thank you so much!" haha He is such a great man with a rock solid testimony! The funny part though was that we took him to an appointment and he is a great teacher! He always helps when we ask him to. He is a great member to bring out! But after coming with us he has learned to be pretty bold with invitations to church! We were teaching and we invited a lady to church and she said she couldn’t because of work. Emmanuel jumped in and said do you have to work every sunday? And she said yes and he said "OH SH**" haha I think we were all caught way off guard! The funny thing was that we had taught repentance earlier in the week and one of the girls there said, "Oh well that’s why there’s repentance, he had better repent!" haha Elder O'Driscoll and I were shocked and holding back from bursting out laughing! And then just a couple minutes later Emmanuel almost did it again! He barely caught himself. He is a great guy, but could definitely use some help with the dignified language. And none of them made it to church, but they are committed to be their this week!

We taught Jamie this week but he is definitely having struggles! He likes his girlfriend and I think he is thinking about getting married, but his testimony is struggling because he isn’t doing what he should be doing! He’s a great kid, but right now things aren’t looking too good.

Some good news is that we are teaching Amie tonight, and Ediline (an amazing recent convert that is friends with Amie) is coming! Hopefully all goes well! Setting up appointments has been a pain because everyone says, "after the new year, we are too busy until Christmas". It’s getting frustrating, but all is well! I’m way excited for this week! We have some good lessons planned and the members have really pulled through! We have supper appointments like all week and a fun day planned for Christmas! We will be with missionaries in the morning and then we are eating at Ediline’s for lunch and the Garcia’s for supper! We got permission to watch “The Best 2 Years” and play WII Tennis. Brother Garcia talked trash about being the best and asked us to ask for permission. President didn’t have a problem with it so we will see what happens! We will call from the Garcias too! We will probably call around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, if that is ok with you? I’ll call ya in the morning to see what your schedule is, but plan on that. Just buy a calling card for an hour because Brother Garcia has a phone with calls to the states for free and we will probably switch off with his phone so we can both make calls at the same time! If you don’t want to buy a card that’s fine too. I can just wait till Elder O'Driscoll is done, I just don’t know what our timing will be like. It’s sooooo crazy that it is here again already! I just called for Mother’s Day! I’m way excited, but kinda nervous too! It’s been a LONG time since we’ve talked. It’s gonna be sooo great! But I guess if you want anymore updates you can remind me when I call!

I love you all a ton! Your package should be there sometime this week! It might be a day or two late for Christmas!? I don’t know for sure! Hopefully you like it though! Oh, Happy Annaver....... I donno how to spell it. hahaha Happy ‘that thing were you remember when you were married’! haha My mission has helped me with many things but spelling isn’t one of them! Grammer niether! HAHA But I feel way bad for not remembering! haha Sorry!! I love you all a ton!! Oh Dad, I sent your letter and B- day stuff with the Christmas stuff!! I’m so sorry! I know that’s lame! Bonus is that you are the only one that gets a letter! Welp, times up but I love you all a ton and I’ll look forward to talking to ya soon!!

Love Elder Smith

Sunday, December 19, 2010


As President of the Winnipeg Manitoba Stake, it was such a privilege for me and my wife to have your missionary in our home last night for a Christmas Dinner. You'll never know how much it means to us to have these missionaries in our home, as we currently have a son currently serving in the Idaho Pocatello Mission.

We have attached a picture and hope that you are able to find your missionary ; )

We want you to know how much we appreciate you for doing such a great job raising a chid willing to serve a mission. Thank you.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

President and Sister Robison

Monday, December 13, 2010



I’m sooooooo sorry that I didn’t get a gift to you in time! I bought you a cheesy little gift, weeks ago, but I kept putting off your letter!! I am going to try and send it today! I’m so sorry that I am so far behind! I might just send it with the Christmas stuff! I found some neat stuff the last couple P-days, but it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg to send home! I hope that all is well there so I can afford to send it! haha. Please let me know if my account is getting low!! I’m living a pretty high roller life here in Canada, so I can always cut back, if needs be! haha Dad, I love and miss you so much!! I can’t believe that you are 45! Right? haha That’s insane!! That like looks close to 50!! You’re SO old! Now you aren’t allowed to use the “mid-life crisis excuse” anymore!! haha No more Harleys or house changes or helicopters or nothin! Dad, I am soooooo grateful for you and the amazing example that you are to me!! I love and miss you so much and I’m so grateful for you and all that you do!! I’ve got the best Dad ever!! Have a great day and week!! Oh, and get this! I begged and pleaded to call you on your birthday and they said I could, but just a couple weeks late! I did it that way because I wanted your gift to get there before. hahaha Love you dad! Thank you so much for all that you do!! I loved your joke! Hey, please tell Grandma thank you for the Christmas stuff! Those chocolates are so good! I only opened what wasn’t wrapped! And Mom, thank you for the syrup!! I’ve eaten waffles for supper two days in a row! You are all amazing!!

So this week was crazy!! We taught a ton and even taught a couple rich families! We also had zone conference!! It’s so crazy how things change!! Last year I was depressed out of my mind for the Christmas Zone Conference! It made me so homesick and it was way hard. It was funny this year because we were just stressed! haha It was a Bi-zone conference and we had to get everything ready and put together for both zones! It was a great relief to have it go smooth and it was a blast! We watched “It’s A Wonderful Life” and it was the best! We also did Sister Paulson’s Christmas bells and it was so fun. She loves those things and it’s so funny to watch President roll his eyes at the whole idea! It was just so fun!! This month will be a blast! It’s such a great time of year!! It’s just funny to think how last year I could find the negative things about being on a mission for Christmas, but man it is the best!!!!

Shopping, however, has not been fun! I spent some of the last 2 P-days looking for Christmas stuff and it has been a pain! There just isn’t enough time! But I got some stuff. Hopefully you like it! I don’t have any details on the call yet but I will give them to you next week!

So this week was interesting because we taught a ton, but everyone bailed for church! Amie and Godwin are still doing ok, but they won’t make their date and they are moving very slow! Jamie moved out but now he isn’t in our ward and we’ve had troubles staying in contact with him. Hopefully things will work out there. We found an amazing African family that is way good and they should be to church next week! And we taught like 3 different rich families this week! It was crazy. Like I’m talking big houses! It was sad though, because one of them we taught everyone but the dad and it was a great lesson with a member and everything! The Spirit was really strong, but then the dad called and cancelled the next appointment! He’s loaded and owns 2 pizza places in town!! They all said they would get baptized on the first lesson and now we can’t even teach them!! We taught another wealthy family that said they know they should listen to us and come out to church, but they are too busy and another family we taught the whole family the first lesson and they were great but they stood us up for the second one!! It’s intimidating teaching rich people, but it’s neat because they generally are full families with both parents there and the kids. So it’s really fun to teach! The finding is slow in rich areas though! Any ideas on helping rich people progress!?

Also, we are teaching some loaded people who are “Seek”? It’s some weird religion that has only been around for like 300 years and they have like 12 gods or something? Do you think you could check it out and let me know what it’s all about and any helpful approaches because there are lots of rich “Seek” people! It’s a religion from India!

But things are going good!! It has been freezing here! A couple days ago it was -40 with wind chill!! That’s when Fareinheit and Celcius are the same. Sorry I can’t spell it I just know either way it was cold! We threw boiling water out the door and it all turned into steam and disappeared! haha It was pretty neat. It’s funny to tract because my mind moves faster then my lips in the cold so some funny stuff comes out! hahaha It’s been fun! Especially on exchanges with newer missionaries who haven’t seen a winter here before! Transfers are this week too and so we will see what happens! This is definitely the hardest area I have ever served in, but I have learned a ton and if I end up staying, I know there is a ton more to be done here!

Elder O'driscoll is a blast!! I have learned a ton from him and gotten a lot more patient and I don’t stress as much. I still do a lot, but it’s hard to be stressed when you’re around someone who is never stressed! He’s really helped me to look and learn from others strengths, rather than dwelling on a couple weaknesses! He’s a great missionary and I’d love to go another transfer with him!

Things here are great and I’m excited to talk to you on Christmas! We have some fun stuff planned with members and other missionaries, so I’ll let ya know what’s going on soon!! Dad Happy Birthday!! I love ya so much!! Thank you for all that you do for me!! Have a great week!! Payt thanks a ton for your emails! I love them! Sounds like you are doing great!! I’m so grateful for you and the great example that you are to me!! I love and look up to you more than you know!! Keep having a blast with life and keep being such a great kid!! I love all of you so much! Tell A-rod he is huge and he needs to buy a bat to keep the ladies off! haha Tell Addi I love her and that she is beautiful!! I love you all a ton! Have a great week! Love Elder Smith

Monday, December 6, 2010



Thanks so much for the great emails! Payt I missed hearing from ya! I don’t know if it didn’t work, or if you just forgot! I want a big one from ya next week!! Mom thank you so much for the Christmas package! The scriptures are so great and the socks were life savers!! The Reeses are gone and the choke cherry syrup will be gone after I buy some waffle mix today! haha You are the best! Thank you soooo much! I’ll look forward to opening the others when christmas comes around!! Thank you so much! You do too much!! I love the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party picture!! You really have just gone so fashionable since I left! hahaha It gave me a good chuckle. Dad, I loved your email! Especially the quote, thanks a ton!! You guys think I’m way better than I am! And tell Jose CONGRATS!!! That is so crazy and exciting!! Man! When I left, the kid wasn’t even a member, was he!? Am I thinking of the right Jose!? If so that is insane!!! Thank you so much for your emails and all that you all do! You are the best and I love and miss you a ton!

So this week was crazy! First off, Amie and Godwin haven’t been doing that well! It was pretty sad! She is working like crazy and has been too busy to meet and she missed church, so we will probably have to move her date back! Jamie is living all commandments and excited for his baptism, but he is living with his girlfriend, who is a Member! They are living the law of chastity, but he still has to move out before he can get baptized, so when he finds a place things will work out! Hopefully everything pans out there! Celia is doing great! She got a calling as the Gospel Principles President so she conducts the meeting. It’s soo great! She was pretty nervous, but did great! We are working with some other good people but this week was super frustrating! WE HAD ABOUT 40 LESSONS PLANNED, MOST OF THEM WITH RICH PEOPLE........and 11 went through and a big portion of those were with the poorer people we were already teaching! It’s so frustrating because our entire day will be filled with lessons and then we end up just tracting most of the day! I don’t know what to do!! I wanna teach! Any ideas!? The ward just can’t support anymore people without cars. We set up all these good appointments and there’s always a different excuse or they don’t show! We are trying everything! We are also frustrated with the ward because they just have no fire. The recent converts are so great, but the ward doesn’t do much for them! It’s frustrating but I sure am learning a lot from the experiences!

This week was pretty crazy too because we had so much going on! We had a baptism we took investigators to, the Christmas Devotional, 2 district meetings, and 2 baptismal interviews in Brandon. We also did two exchanges. First off I went with Elder Woods and it was a blast!! He came out with me and he is a champ! He came to our area and we had a lot of fun! We had some good lessons and some crazy ones! We went to teach this one guy and he was drunk! We said we couldn’t stay and he said, “No, I want you to stay!” So I said, “Ok, we will if you tell us what we taught you last time we came.” He looked at me and then burst into tears and then passed out! He literally passed out!Like he tipped over and drilled the floor! So me and Elder Woods tried to revive him but he was out cold! I called 911 and just as it started ringing he like hickupped and started breathing normal. So I hung up and we tried to get him up and he came to. He stood up and then we get him to sit in the chair. He sat down and said he was ok and we were like, ok we gotta go. We didn’t know what to do! I felt way bad, but we didn’t know what to do.. he was up and going and we were in his house. Any words of advice for the next time it happens?? The rest of the exchange was interesting too, but nothing too crazy.

Then I went on exchange with this kid from England. They hate Americans! haha It was funny! We had a good time and hopefully we helped em out. They had been struggling in their area and with their companionship for the transfer. It was a great exchange and this week they found some new investigators and got some people to church and set a new baptismal date, so they are sounding a lot better! It’s always great to see them get some success, when they had been struggling!

Oh and get this! While on exchange, we found this guy with a huge model railroad set! He said it cost over 30 grand! I got a ton of neat pics for you Dad! He loved showing it off!

Our week was rougher than we would have liked, but it ended up pretty good in all! On Sunday morning we taught this lady and it was insane! We had Bother Gibson with us and the lady was moody with him and us. haha We taught her a little bit about the Book of Mormon and coming to church she said she would come, but just for an hour because she had been up working all night! She then told us she was an escort! We both looked at her, completely tongue tied for a minute. While we were tongue tied she reaches under the couch and says, “Are donations allowed at the church?” As she pulls a ton of money out from under her couch, and we both just kinda nod. She shoves easy 2 or 3 hundred dollars in her shirt and then she was ready for church! She then said "It’s always good to give back, at the end of the year." She was dressed really modestly and when the Bishop saw her filling out a tithing slip, he came over to see if she was a member. It was really an odd experience and it made me think a lot of how blessed I am. Some people’s situations are so crazy and it’s so sad because they know what’s right! They know what God wants, but they are in a hole they don’t know how to get out of, or they are afraid to try. It’s crazy how weird experiences like that really make you think and make you so grateful for what you have. Hopefully we can help her! It’s so easy to judge and look down on people, but I really hope it’s something I can continue to get better at!

But I just had one more story for ya! This week I got to go to Brandon for probably the two neatest baptismal interviews I have ever done! I interviewed this lady named Bonnie. She has had the hardest life you can imagine! Mental illness and family problems and so many other things. Then the missionaries came along and she gave the sister missionaries grief for months! Finally she, as a 60 something, year old lady with all of these different crazy things in her life, comes to be interviewed by ME! It really made me feel super humble as this lady that has been through so much comes and looks up to me. She asked me some amazing questions and she just acted as if I was all knowledgeable. The neatest thing was her talking to me about just not being sure that she was ready. She knew it was true but she just felt unprepared. It was a really neat experience. Then the other one was even better!! A man named Bjorn. This man is super smart and just amazing! His wife has been a member forever and he has been an Athiest. His wife left him and the kids and it was a very humbling experience for him. Then the missionaries knocked on his door! Now he has such a super solid testimony and he and his son are getting baptized on Saturday with Bonnie!! The Mom is still no where to be found! But the dad and kids are amazing! I honestly loved that interview so much!! When he would bear his testimony, the Spirit was super strong!! It was such a neat experience! He will be an amazing member!!

Missions really are the best!! I have been so blessed with so many neat experiences!! I’m so grateful for all of you and the great support that you are to me!! I love you a ton and I’ll talk to you next week!! Love Elder Smith

Monday, November 29, 2010



Thank you soooo much for all of the great emails!! Mom I don’t think you are fat and Akon just thinks your taller hahaha! I was super mad about the t-shirts because we were way late and I couldn't find anything to give you and then when I did, all they had were xxl! haha Hopefully it really is the thought that counts because that was a lame gift and I’m way sorry! haha I promise the gift next year will have more thought and it will be on time! Unless I’m shopping with Dad, and then we will pick it up the day of! But either way it’ll be better than 2 weeks late! Just kidding Dad. I loved our good, last minute, shopping! It’s just because you’re a lot better impulse buyer! I love and miss you all sooo much! Payt, that jeep is beautiful!! Don’t roll it!! Have fun, but please be safe!! The 2 of us are gonna look good sportin’ that on the way to the slopes next year! That is if you’re not gone on the mish! Mom, don’t stress my shoes!! I evaluated them this week and found a hole in the bottom! So I’ve been sportin’ the boots and they are great!! I still have another pair of shoes that are great and should last me.

It’s been snowing like crazy here! Way more then last year at this time which has been good because it’s stayed pretty warm. We’ve had some cold days but nothing too bad! This week was crazy. We drove out to Portage La Prarie for a mini zone meeting. We taught all the outlying areas there and then Wednesday, we taught the rest of the zone. It went well and it was a lot of fun. Our area is doing well. We had a lot of great lessons this week and church went great!! We are teaching a lady named Amie and her son Godwin and they are amazing!! They have a baptismal date for the 18th! We had some great lessons with them this week and they made it to church! The ward is not too great at fellow shipping, but it went sooooo good because Sister Evangilista (a recent convert) knew Amie from work! She sprinted over so excited to see her! Amie loved it and really enjoyed it! Her big struggle was getting work off for church, but after Sunday, she seems super committed! And I love her and Godwin sooo much!

Jamie is still doing well. He snapped all of the rest of his cigarettes in front of us! It was great! If everything works out, he should get baptized on the 18th!

This week we have been really working the rich part of our area and I have been shocked at how accepting people are at the door! We have got a ton of return appointments and phone numbers, but these rich people have not been showing up for the appointments. I was so frustrated because I thought the biggest battle with rich people would be getting them to set up appointments. Turns out they have no problem setting up an appointment and then not being there! It’s funny because after a day of 7 rich people standing us up, I was super frustrated! I was like, “Man! how can people say they will be somewhere to do something and then not show!?! It’s happened a lot on my mission, but this week it really made me think! It made me think about how our family would have a hard time all being available for good ole faithful home teacher Brother Bowen! ha ha I experienced a lot of guilt as I thought back to the times where he’d be there waiting for us or just half of us would be there. I feel way bad! You can tell him, pay back comes 10 fold! Also, tell Brother Bowen that I’m super grateful for his dedication, because if the members here were home teachers like him there would be a lot more less active members coming out to church! Please give me the update on how he is doing and tell him I say hello! Also, tell Bishop that I’m sorry for not coming to more activities! It’s so funny because everyone can make time for the church activities. Now, of course there are exceptions, but man I look at the members here and the busiest ones with work and school and family are the ones that always show up!! I’m super grateful for you Mom and Dad because you are some of those members that are always there for moves and church parties and events and everything else! It’s so funny because if everyone would just do their part, the church would function sooo much better! Even though now it functions so good because of those great members that just always show up!! I’m so committed to never saying I’m busy when there is a way I can help with that kind of stuff, when I get home! haha sorry I’m rambling on! Thank you for the great people and examples that you are Mom and Dad!!

So this week we met with the Bishop and it went well! He still isn’t gonna help much but I can’t blame the guy. He has like 5 kids, a full time job, and he is still in school. He’s in his 30’s and he has a super strong testimony! He does love the missionaries though. He just is a very busy man! We had a great chat though and hopefully some of our ideas will get the ward excited!

So Thanksgiving was interesting! It’s funny because I remember being so depressed last year for Thanksgiving. haha I hated the world! So this year I was super excited for it, to make it a great one! But we weren’t allowed to go to the big party with all of the missionaries because Brother Cresenzi, our ward mission leader, wanted us to come eat with him. So we were a little down, but kept a good attitude. We got there for the fake microwave potatoes and store bought pumpkin pie. haha Then we listened to the ward mission leader talk down on the ward for not helping us and then giving us all of his excuses for why he never can help us! It was hard to not laugh. It was an interesting night, but it really was soooo great! haha I truly am so grateful for all that I have been blessed with! It’s so funny because I really am pretty good at picking out the bad! I sat there thinking bad about the ward mission leader, when he had spent all night trying to give us an American Thanksgiving! It’s so funny how often on my mission I have had these shots of humility were I get to see all of my shortcomings and I get to see how blessed I really am!!

I’m so grateful for my amazing family, my great friends, and my wonderful life! I’m so grateful to be on a mission!! Missions are the best!! And I’m grateful for our good bishop and our great ward mission leader! hahaha It’s so neat to see how, with all of our short comings, life goes on and the work goes forward!! I love and miss you all so much!! And I really am so grateful for all that you have done for me! I have the best family ever!! Stay safe and smart and have a great week!! Love Elder Smith!

Monday, November 22, 2010



Man! It’s almost Thanksgiving! I loved your emails this week! Mom, me and my comp died laughing with your description of Dad’s fit!! haha It made me sad that our mission president probably won’t show those movies for Christmas like Papa did! haha It made me think of many wonderful times!! Mom and Dad, you are the best!! I am so blessed to have you as my parents! I can’t believe all of the wonderful times that we have had together! We went and ate mexican today and I had a “blast from the past” of a lot of times skipping school or something else to go and hang out at Puerta Vallarta with you two! I just want you to know that I love you so much and I’m so grateful for all that you do! Fits and all! haha And I know that the fits aren’t your fault Dad! It is definitely the stubborn washing machine and dishwasher and car and door frame and remote control car, etc! Dad, you are the best! I look up to you so much and you will always have WAY more wisdom than your son! It was great to see Payt’s bad arm with a thumbs up! Thank you so much for all of the emails!

So this week has been crazy! It has gotten a lot colder and it has snowed a ton! The other night we left our shoes in some people’s awkward room (the room between the front door and the house) while we taught. My shoes were all wet, so when the appointment was over they were rock hard!! haha I had wooden clogs the rest of the night!! It’s crazy that the good weather held out for so long though!

This week we had an all day training session and then we had Zone Leader Council at night. It went on for ever, and so we didn’t get home until like 11 pm, so we got to bed late and we had Stake Correlation this week too, so we lost a lot of pros time, which is getting annoying! We had a pretty great week with lots of great lessons. We have 4 people right now with pretty solid dates, but getting them to church has been like pulling teeth! They all work and the one that didn’t, didn’t show! We were planning on a couple people still though, but a big storm hit Saturday night and Sunday morning and no one showed! It was so frustrating!!! Agency can be a pain sometimes!!

I have a crazy update for you though! I don’t know if I told you but Jamie, the Jew, has read half of the Book of Mormon!! I made a bet with him that I’d buy him a burger if he’d read it all in three weeks. Hopefully that wasn’t bad! haha But since then, he has set a baptismal date and he is working on quitting smoking!! He was the one that didn’t have work on Sunday, but he didn’t make it! He’s already been a couple times though!! Hopefully all goes well with him!

We are pretty frustrated with the ward right now because they are so hard to get excited about the Gospel! The only one that is willing to help us is Brother Peterson and he’s a goofy guy! Payt, hopefully he isn’t bugging you on face book! haha I’m never getting a face book because it’s an addiction for people! He’s great, but we need some other help! Do you have any ideas on what we could do! It’s just that everyone in the ward is in need! They don’t fellowship any of the investigators that come and they are afraid of the missionaries. They are struggling in so many ways! The Bishop isn’t supportive of missionary work at all!! I’ve tried so hard to build a relationship with him, but he just doesn’t like the missionaries. We are meeting with him tonight to see what we can do for the ward. Hopefully he will give us something to do that will help us gain his trust! It’s so hard because he really isn’t that nice. haha I have tried so hard to get to know him and help, but he won’t say more then two words to us! I went from feeling like a rock star in Waverly and Selkirk. And then coming here was a downer! haha I’m loving it but I so bad wish that we could find a way to help the ward! If you have any ideas, please let me know! Don’t get me wrong, things are going great, but I just keep thinking that there has to be something we could do to bring some fire to the ward! We are starting to spend a lot more time in the upper class parts of our area!! Hopefully we can find some wealthy kingdom builders that have cars to help the work!

Elder O'Driscoll is a lot of fun and a great missionary, but he is very similar to Matt Collette! We would make great friends back home, but keeping him in line and keeping a good relationship can be stressful! If I learn how to do it, it will be a great blessing for life!! hahaa And he isn’t bad! He just does little things that make ya wonder! He has been very successful though because he loves his mission and he works hard!! We will have a great transfer, as long as we can find a happy medium of what is okay. haha I have learned a ton, though!! After serving with Elder O'Driscoll, I will either lose my mind or learn to stress a lot less! I have gotten a lot better about not stressing stuff, but he is so laid back! It’ll be good for me, I guess!

This next week we will be in Portage, La Prarie tomorrow to teach half the zone and then back in Winnipeg Wednesday to teach the other half! If I see one, I’ll send you a post card. It’s only an hour or two from Winnipeg. It should be fun, but its frustrating because we miss a lot of time in our area!

But I guess I’m out of time! Let me know what you would like me to send more of in my emails. There’s a ton too I want tell you, but I never know what you want to hear or what I want to say so I seem to babble on! hahaha I love you all so much and I’m so grateful for you and all that you do for me!! Thank you so much for all of the great emails and pics!! Stay safe and smart and Payt be careful in the Jeep!! Alex and Addi, thank you for your emails! You are the best!! Mom and Dad, you are the best parents ever! I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for all of you!

Have a great Thanksgiving and eat a ton of turkey for me! And don’t worry about me! I’m sure I’ll be pounding some turkey too! There are some very charitable Canadians here looking out for us!! Love you a bunch!! Have a great week! And thank you so much for the package! Especially the scriptures for Emmanuel! He will be way excited!! And don’t stress what you sent me!! What ever it is, it will be way too much! The only downer is that I doubt any of it will have technical difficulty! haha When I got stuff that didn’t work was always my favorite because I saw how much you cared for me!! haha You two would give your life, just to find batteries on Christmas morning! You are amazing and I love and miss you a ton!! Love Elder Smith

Monday, November 15, 2010



Thank you so much for all of the great emails! You are the best!! Mom I feel horrible because your present will be way late because this week went crazy and I sent it way late!!! I’m sooooo sorry!! But Happy Birthday!! You are such an amazing woman and I love and miss you so much!! I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for you and all that you do!! Sorry the package is way late, but hopefully it gets there soon! I told my new comp I was way late with sending your birthday present and he told me to cross out Happy Birthday and put "Just thinking of you." haha It gave me a good chuckle and then I felt more guilty! Hopefully it gets there soon!!

Congrats to Tanner and the family!! Will you please send me pics of the wedding and him and her? I haven’t seen any. Keep me updated on Uncle Kellan and tell him he’s in my prayers! Tell Alex I love the totem pole and his does look better then mine did! Except my bear, it was legit!! haha Alex and Addi look so old!!! It’s crazy! Tell Addi I miss hearing her sing and I’m sure she great this last week! The weather here is great!! Global warming is for real! haha It hasn’t snowed and stuck yet!! And it really hasn’t been that cold yet! Hopefully it stays that way! Tell Payt I’m so proud of him and I miss and love him a ton!! Same with all of you! Thank you so much for getting the face stuff!! Keep it coming and I’ll try to do everything to stay on it this time! I’m also “Super Face” so don’t worry about me at all!

So this week was crazy!! First off, I went in and got the same judge as last time for my ticket! haha I thought I was done for because other missionaries have had bad luck getting even their first ticket knocked down. I was pretty nervous, but I whipped out the puppy dog face charm and gave him my excuses and he cracked again! He said, “Well, since this is your first offense I’ll cut it in half.” I was like, “Sir, this is actually my second and I talked to you the last time.” He was like, “Well, I respect your honesty, I’ll still knock it down.” I was pretty happy until I realized that I still had to drop 120$. But I guess it’s just like getting one ticket, right??? I’m soooo sorry and I won’t speed by photo cops ever again. IF I ever get to drive again. But I’m so sorry, and I feel super bad!! Those things are dumb!!

But the Baptism went great and I was so stressed and it was so crazy that I didn’t have time to even think about Mom’s birthday!! It was unreal because we had district meeting in the morning that we had to rush to and then appointments and then filling the font and then getting everything set up!! Both speakers showed up 10 minutes late! Then I did the missionary presentation. Elder Leonard Baptized her like an old pro! It went so great!! Then, the second it ended I said congrats and talked with Celia for 5 minutes and then left with another missionary to book it across town to another Baptism in the Waverley Ward! Her name is Kim and she has been investigating for over a year! She was a hardcore Jehovah’s Witness! She has been investigating behind the J-dubs back and her family’s back the whole year!! She would come to church every other week so they wouldn’t know about it! The sister missionaries have been working with her the whole time! She teaches preschool and so of course I hit it off great with her right when I first got on my mission!! I’d always talk to her at church and she would always ask how Mom’s preschool was and for details about it and my family! I never taught her, but we got to know each other pretty good from church. They got some sisters there that were amazing together! They were in my district when I was in Agnes and they were tearing things up! Then Kim finally decided to make the leap!! Giving up her friends and family to join the church!! But the neat thing was that she asked me to be there to stand in for the confirmation! So, the time was way tight because Celia’s baptism started at 6 but it started like 15 minutes late and Kim’s started at 7! It’s a 30 minute drive from one building to the other! So I left Celia’s baptism right and 7 and got to Kim’s right at 7:30! I walked in just in time to walk up for the confirmation!! It was so neat! They did a waterside confirmation because of certain circumstances, so it worked out great!! Bishop/President Baronins (yes, he’s still both) gave a beautiful blessing and President Paulson, Elder Scheel, And Elder Masters (both senior missionaries that helped the Sisters teach Kim) and the elder that taught Kim online flew in from Utah for her Baptism, and me, all stood in for it! It was such a neat experience!! She thanked me a bunch for coming and she was just so happy!! It was such a neat night!! Both Baptisms went so great! Celia’s whole family was at hers!! Non members and all! She was so happy and her confirmation, on Sunday, went great!! It was a crazy great week!!

Missions are the best!! It was crazy though because after the crazy day we came in and and I was like man it’s my Mom’s birthday!! I sat there completely confused because it had come and gone so fast!! It’s so weird to think that it was my last chance to have Mom’s Birthday in the mission field!! Birthdays in the mission are so great because you just get the chance to think for a bit about how blessed you are!! I am in the best mission in the world and I have the best mother in the world back home that would do anything for me! I am sooooooo blessed!! Mom thank you so much for all that you do and Happy Birthday!!! I love and miss you so much!! Sorry again for the late gift! I am definitely thinking of you!!

Transfers were crazy!! Elder O'Driscoll is a fireball but he does what he wants! He is definitely very similar to Matt! It will be a very crazy, fun, great transfer, if I can keep him under control! haha He loves to work hard and he’s game to do whatever, but he’s pretty undignified with a lot that he does! And it’s hard to know how to handle it!! I’m sure I will learn a ton from him though and I’m way excited to see how the transfer goes!! It’s been pretty stressful with all the stuff to do!! The missionary work part is easy to keep up with but its all the zone leader stuff that I’m still trying to get down that stresses me out! haha I should have payed better attention to all that we did last transfer! It’s definitely been a learning experience!! Right when you get a little bit comfortable with what you are doing, ya get new stuff to pull ya out of you comfort zone!! It has been a crazy week, but such a blast!! The ward has grown on me a lot and I love the people we are teaching and the zone I’m in!! It’s a blast!! We have four people with baptismal dates right now and hopefully more coming. The ones we have right now are great, and our zone is doing really good!! It should be another great week!!

I love and miss you all so much and I’m so grateful for all that you do for me!! Be safe and have a great week!! Love Elder Smith

PS Please give me an update on Grandpa, Grandma, Papa, Grammy, Jay Kellan and anybody else!! You are the best! Thanks so much! Love Elder Smith!

Sunday, November 7, 2010



So, it was a great week, but a lot of not so great things happened! haha I’m getting zits again, I have hemorrhoids, we have bed bugs, and I got another speeding ticket!! So I thought long and hard about Christmas, like you asked. And I was just wondering if you would forgive me for all the money I have to blow on Preparation H, face wash, suppositories, dry cleaning, and speeding tickets? haha I’m sooooooo sorry about the ticket! I hate photo cops!! I asked to not drive anymore and the vehicle coordinator laughed and said, “Ok... well you can’t anyways until you come and watch the defensive driving video!” haha Luckily, it doesn’t do anything to my insurance or my record or anything because they can’t prove it was me. It is just the fine, that has to be paid!Hopefully I can talk them down again! But I’m so sorry, I feel way bad. I got it racing to church. It is so ridiculous because I slow down in all intersections so I won’t get them but it was a hidden one in between intersections! I’m so sorry!!!

So for Christmas, I was just hoping for a new copy of my Patriarchal blessing, with more ink and Mom’s name spelled right. Also, no books please. I love all the books you’ve sent, but I’m not aloud to read them and so they just sit in my suitcase. I’m way excited to read them at some point though!! Also, I know you won’t send just my blessing because you’re amazing and stubborn! haha So would you get scriptures for EMMANUEL AYENI, with his name on them. He is amazing and he lives in our ward now! He comes and helps us teach a bunch. And if you can’t remember, he was the first man I taught, that got baptized! If you did, that it would be so great!! I am allowed to listen to books on tape in the car when we drive, so if there is a good one on the Atonement or the Gospel or something, I would love that! Also, zit pills and I promise I’ll take them. haha I don’t like the rub on stuff because it makes my skin too sensitive, but if the doc has any magic pills, that would be so great! And yes, choke cherry syrup is always the best! Please don’t worry about sending a bunch of stuff, though!! The scriptures and phone call would make a great Christmas!! You are the best!! Sooo sorry for all of the blown money on stupid stuff!! If you’re mad or out of money, just stop putting money in the account, hahaha You are amazing!! Elder Holland brags about his Dad paying for his mission, my parents pay for my mission, plus speeding tickets, hemorrhoid and acne treatments, and anything else you can think of!! You are so amazing and I love and miss you so much!!

Mom, sorry I won’t be there to make you a cake, but you can count on one next year! Your gift is coming, but it’s late and lame!! Hopefully you will forgive me!! You’re the best!!

So this week was crazy!! All this ridiculous stuff happened, but it really was a great week!! I really have been so blessed!! Bed bugs were figured out fast. Suppositories give you the best poops ever! And I can read my scriptures more when we are driving, now that I am the passenger!! Also, Celia is doing amazing!! She passed her interview on Sunday morning and she will be baptized this Wednesday!! She has been ready for a little while, but she was set on the date she set to begin with!! I don’t know why we set it so far away! We didn’t think she’d be able to quit weed and coffee so fast, but she stopped the day we taught it and only had one slip up!! She is so amazing and she has a great testimony!! But she heard Elder Leonard was getting transfered and she wanted to move it up so that he could be here! Before the general authority came, the mission was against this kinda thing, but he said baptism is like Christmas. . . why wouldn’t you want it to come now, if you are ready! So, President was all game. It will be a great week!! She is so ready!! So she will get baptized Wednesday and Elder Leonard leaves for Saskatoon on Thursday! I’m staying here for another one and I’m excited about it!! I will be serving with Elder O'Driscoll. He is a champ! He’s the one who had a rough start but is tearing up Brandon right now! He is the only new Zone leader this transfer and he’s great! I’m kinda nervous because I don’t think that I know all the zone leader stuff and I have to show him. I guess if it doesn’t go well, I can blame it on Elder Leonard! But I’m excited because I have never served with someone like Elder O'Driscoll before! He’s comparable to Matt Collette. Like he’s super hard working, but a goof ball, so hopefully all goes well! I’m sure I’ll learn a ton!

The area here is doing so good!! We really had a great week and we are teaching some amazing people!! I had a funny story for ya though!! We were teaching a less active family who has been getting more active, but the mom was engaged to this guy and they called off the wedding. But he is still hanging around! He was over at their place the other day and we were teaching and he said that he had some issues with the church. So his “girl friend” (I guess) haha said “like what?” All of this is in front of me and my companion. He said, “This law of chastity thing, I just don’t get it!” She said, “Well you can’t have me until I have a ring and you can’t give me a ring until you turn things around and get baptized!’ haha So we were a little shocked by that, but we kinda just sat there nodding our heads. He started arguing with her and then says, “I just can’t keep myself off of you!” He then looks over to us (the 20 year old kids) and says, “Don’t you think this is crazy!?! She’s being ridiculous!” He said it with hope that we’d back him up! hahaha So I started teaching the law of chastity and he wasn’t too happy! Once he saw that we weren’t gonna back him up, he started arguing with her again. She then started taunting him, waving her fingers at him saying, “You don’t get any of this without a ring on my finger.” hahah He finally stood up and said, “Fine! We are done!” And he stormed out! She laughs in shock and said, “Well, I don’t care, I want to get to the temple!” It was pretty crazy!! Also hilarious and the funny part is that he showed up to church two days later with her! Funny stuff!! It’s amazing the funny things you see happen!!

Also, in our area there were 3 shootings last week. I almost didn’t tell you this because I didn’t want you nervous because we are 100% safe and we stay in good, safe areas at all times, I promise!! I told you because our area used to be the scariest area in the mission, but since the shootings, there are 2 cop cars on every corner. I thought it would give you comfort, because now our area is the safest area in town!

Things are going so great though!! We are teaching a ton of great people that have set dates and I will try and update you on them next week!! Missions are the best! Its funny because Elder Schulte came back to visit after being gone only 6 weeks! He is way depressed and misses the mission sooo much! I felt so bad for him!! It made me so grateful to be out here though!! Missions really are the best!! I’m safe healthy and happy and if it wasn’t for amazing parents, I would also be in debt!

Again, I’m so sorry for the ticket!! I love you all so much!! I’ll look forward to telling you how the baptism goes! It should be another great week!! I love you a ton and tell Payton and Alex and Addi that I’m glad to see they aren’t too torn up that I’m still gone! hahahah Tell ‘em I love ‘em and I would love to hear from them! Tell Payt it’s fine, I know he’s way busy with stuff! Give me an update on the arm! Love you!

Love Elder Smith

Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy Halloween!

Man, you all look so great! Alex and Addi, I loved the costumes! You both look so happy and healthy! I’m so glad you are doing so well!! Payton, you have more facial hair than I do! Lookin good! Sounds like Senior Football Night was a downer!! It’s a sad day when you know you will never get laid-out again, you’ll never get to look up to all of the smart coaches and there life changing stories(haha don’t get me wrong, I really do look up to SOME of the coaches), you’ll never again get to walk like you pooped you pants because you’re beat up after game day, you’ll never again be part of something that makes it impossible for you to put your right arm around a girl, or pick your nose or wipe your bum, you will never again get to see others succeed because they didn’t give 100%, so they stayed healthy all season! hahaha I could go on! Don’t get me wrong, I love and miss football a ton! But, there are bigger, better things buddy! Cheer up and love life! You’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming your way!! I can’t wait to hear some of your skiing stories! Don’t break anymore bones though and watch out for trees, please!! Payt, I love you a ton and I’m so proud of you and what a great kid you are!! I love and miss all of you guys a bunch!

So this week was interesting! We taught zone meeting and it went really well! The trip home from Brandon was good and both zone meetings were fun! President came to the other one and I think he liked it! The week went really well!! Celia is doing super good! She hasn’t missed a week of church and she is excited for her date!! It’s the 20th, so it’ll be here before we know it!!

Waverley had another baptism this week and get this!!! Belatu spoke at it and did a great job!! I didn’t get to go, but I heard it was super good! It was someone that the sister missionaries had been teaching! Her name is Rachell and she is actually a cousin of Akons! It was a great day and President Paulson baptized her!

We are still teaching a lot of great people and we had a really good week. We taught a lot and we have a bunch of people who are really good!! This transfer has gone so fast!! It seems like every transfer is cut in half!!

This Halloween was a pretty interesting one!! We taught in the morning before church and then went to church. It went great and most everyone we were planning on, made it! Then we rushed over to the other church across town for Stake Coordination. This was my second one and it was pretty scary, again! It was the four Winnipeg Zone Leaders, the Assistants, President Paulson, President Robison and one of the High Councilman. It’s funny because we get updates from all of the different branches and wards in our zone and then report on them. We report on the recent converts and bishops and ward mission leaders. Then they ask us questions about them. It is pretty scary, just because they are intimidating! But it all went well!!

Then we went home and ate quick and then had an appointment with a lady named Amie and her son named Goodwin. They were so good and set a baptismal date! I’m super excited about them! But then our night was pretty much over. The members here don’t really think about the missionaries during the holidays. There are some great members here though, it’s an interesting ward because it is full of super humble people. But almost everyone needs help, rather than can give help. It really is a miracle that it functions the way that it does! haha I definitely am learning to love the people here though and hopefully we are helping!

We really did have a great week, but nothing too crazy happened. We set a couple more dates and we had a new man named Jamie come to church and he’s Jewish!! Anybody know how to teach a Jew!? He’s way interested and he seems really good but everyone else I’ve taught usually shares the common ground of a belief in Jesus Christ. Any ideas?? I just want to say, “Come on man! The Messiah came already!!!”

But nothing else too crazy! We did final stewardships today for transfer planning this week and it’s so interesting to talk about the missionaries in our zone. I’ve learned so much from trying to find ways to help them. It’s just interesting to me how some missionaries treat there mission. It’s super sad to see some and super exciting to see others because you know they are going places!! There are so many missionaries that perform so far under their potential and it’s so sad!! I definitely hope to always do my best to reach my full potential! It’s so amazing because we all have the potential to do such great things and due to disobedience or just laziness, it’s so easy to miss our full potential! It’s also been sad to see people fall short of there potential, just because they lack the faith and confidence that they can do great things! It’s also been a testimony builder to me that as we do our best and turn the rest over to the Lord it’s amazing how much we can do! There is a missionary in Brandon that has had a rough mission so far because of his attitude and some bad companions. But the last couple transfers he started to see some success and he has blossomed!! He now has 15+ baptismal dates and he is just tearing Brandon to pieces! It’s just funny because a year ago or even 6 months ago you never would of guessed that he could tear up an area like that! It’s amazing because I don’t think any of us really realize our full potential! Everyday I see more and more that there is so much more that I can learn and do better!! And it can either be an exciting thing or a depressing thing! But I know that as we do our best and work our hardest, pushing forward in faith and then turn the rest over to the Lord, everything will workout and we can accomplish amazing things.

I’m so grateful for the great experiences I get to have everyday and I’m so grateful for all of the great love and support I get from home! I’m so blessed!! Mom, Dad, Payt, Alex, Addi, Gpa and Gma, and Papa and Grammy and Everybody else, you are the best!! Thanks for everything!! Love ya a ton and have a great week!! Love Elder Smith

Monday, October 25, 2010



It sounds like you are all doing great! Mom and Dad looking good!! haha I’m glad you guys had fun at the Moss’s Halloween Party and nobody had anything to crazy happen! Oh Payton, don’t keep hurting your arm! Get better for skiing season!! And if you’re healthy you gotta try out for basketball and mess around and throw some elbows! haha You probably won’t be healthy in time, but I was hoping you could show Zack Smith a thing or two, one more time.

So Dad, as for your question about P-days, they haven’t been too exciting. If we have spare time, we take a nap! But this week has been a really fun one for P-day. We actually left early this morning to drive to Brandon. It’s a couple hours west of Winnipeg. We are teaching the zone meeting this week, but the Brandon district has too far to drive in, so we come out here to teach it, and then we will teach it again to the rest of the zone on Wednesday. Dauphin, Portage, La Prairie and the 2 Brandon sets, will all be in here tomorrow for the meeting! Today we got to drive here, then we went bowling, ate “all you can eat” at Pizza Hut and now we are emailing! Tonight we will do an exchange here with the Brandon elders and then tomorrow morning we will teach the mini zone meeting and do interviews and teaching evaluations. Then we will bust it home for our appointments starting at 5 PM. It’s been fun and different, but it gets frustrating not having as much time in our area. It’s just the only way that it can be done with how huge the mission is! It should be a fun couple days though!

I’m excited for the zone meeting! I’ve really learned to love teaching, investigators, members or missionaries! It’s honestly addicting!! This week was another great one though! Celia is doing so good! She’s been clean for like 10 days or something now and she went to Stake Conference yesterday and a fireside last night! We found out she has also been meeting with Jehovah Witnesses. She told them about her baptism and that she knows the Book of Mormon is true! Of course they went off, but she stood up for herself. Hopefully all goes well there. She is set on getting baptized and she has been taught and is living everything now. Any ideas on how to completely get rid of the J-dubs? She knows the church is true, but they are her friends so we aren’t sure how to handle it because she can still have friends of other faiths, but just not J-dubs trying to convert her! She is doing great though and hopefully all goes well there.

This week went great though! We had tons of great appointments and set baptism dates with Amber, Ali, Rita, Alfea and we have others that are close! People feel the Spirit and are setting dates in the first lesson, but it’s just when we hit the commandments that it slows a lot of them down. We are teaching a bunch of really great people though!! If things work out good we should have a lot of baptism coming up.

We have one stubborn old lady named Margaret, that has been a J-dub for 29 years, that is now investigating. She has been coming to church and she feels the Spirit there, but she has real problems with certain doctrinal issues, because she’s been a J-dub for so long! She has a friend that was excommunicated, that is amazing though! He has a crazy story, but he is trying to get baptized again and he is trying hard to help us convert Margaret! His name is John and he is amazing!! Since he started working on getting "un-excommunicated" a couple months ago, he has read the Book of Mormon 4 times! He is an RM and he is amazing! But Margaret is sooo stubborn that all she wants to do is argue with us when we try to teach her. I’ve tried teaching her twice since I’ve been here and it is so frustrating because I can’t get two words in! And the words I did get in, I was pretty much yelling because I was sooo frustrated. But John really wants us to teach her. And she still comes to church every week! But she refuses to read the Book of Mormon. . . until this week! John made her read with him and she called us and said, “How come I’ve studied the bible for years with the Jehovah Witnesses and it doesn’t make sense at all and then I read this book and everything makes perfect sense??" Then Elder Leonard pretty much yelled into the phone, "Because it’s TRUE Margaret!!" haha She then passed the phone to John. The next day she called and said she wanted to be baptized! So we teach her Wednesday and we will see what happens!

Other crazy stuff, I had supper at a part members house where the husband is an Athiest. We had quite the debate. It was hard for the Spirit to be there because he was just plain mean. It was the only supper appointment I’ve been to where I was made fun of the whole time for believing in God. I got some shots in, but it was going no where. He just threw “Anti” at us the whole supper appointment. It’s funny because Elder Leonard just took it and enjoyed his supper. I’ve really worked hard to not argue with people because you go no where, but I had had enough with this guy! So it turned into a debate. It was good because I’m pretty sure I won! But bad because the Spirit wasn’t there and that man will never change. It was all in good fun and never got heated, but it was definitely an interesting experience! His wife is amazing though and she helped us get people to church this week!!

And get this! It was Stake Conference this week and it was the best!! I saw everybody from Waverly and Selkirk!! It was so great! Belatu is doing great the Obengs are still crazy! Everyone else is doing really good!! Emanuell is also now in our area here and he is great! He goes out and teaches with us and he has a super testimony! But get this!! Bishop Baronins is now in the Stake Presidency!! When it was announced you heard all of the Waverley Ward and the missionaries let out a gasp like they’d been punched in the gut! He will be the Bishop and the Second Counselor for the next four weeks. He is amazing!! I told him how great he was and congratulated him and he said "I don’t do anything, the Lord does everything, I just have to not get in the way!" haha He is a champ! But it’s so sad to have him gone! It’s definitely a shot to the Waverley Ward! And get this!! 29 years ago he was baptized and he had to speak in Stake Conference. When he spoke, President Oler was the 1st counselor in the Stake Presidency. 29 years later (now President Baronins) stood up to speak for his second time in stake conference, this time as the 2nd Councelor and now President Oler is once again the 1st counselor! Now if that isn’t amazing I don’t know what is!! haha President Baronins joked about how President Oler never would have guessed that 29 years later he would be up speaking again, but as the 2nd Counselor. It’s crazy! President Robison is still the Stake President! It was such a neat thing though!! I loved seeing everybody!! I have met sooo many amazing people here!! I love it here so much!! The crazy part is that I’ve now been in Canada almost a whole year! It’s insane and super scary!! Winnipeg is the best!!

I’m healthy and happy and all is well!! Stay safe and have a great week!

Love Elder Smith!

PS Tell the Baronins congrats please! Sister Baronins loves your emails!! Please tell them I’m so grateful for them and I love and miss them a bunch!! Also thank her again for my great B-day bash that she threw and tell her thanks a ton for the great apple pie! haha She’s so good to me!! Thanks!! I love and miss you guys a ton! Have a great week!

Monday, October 18, 2010



Wow, I was just emailing ya! haha I should of just skipped last week! Sounds like Payt is still hanging in there! Mom you are amazing!! I just can’t get over all that you and Dad do for us!!! You are the best!! There was a talk in church from President Robison yesterday in ward conference that really made me think!! He talked a lot about the large roll his parents played in his life and in the gospel, even though his dad was an inactive member. And NO, it didn’t remind me of you because I’m worried about Dad going inactive because he’s turning into a redneck! haha It really made me think about how blessed I have been!! I honestly have the best family ever!! Mom and Dad, you do so much for me!! It’s funny because I have a reputation in the mission for being the most loved son! And it is so true!! You do so much for me and I am so sorry that I wasn’t more grateful!! You are the most amazing parents ever!! I love and look up to you sooo much! Thank you for all that you do for me!!

Now, on that note... Mom are you going soft on me!?! I thought Addi wasn’t getting her ears pierced till she was 12!? haha What’d she do to talk you into it!? I had to atleaste give you a little bit of a hard time for that!! Payt, buddy I hope you are doing well! Keep relaxing and keep your head up and focus on skiing season! I want lots of pics, so you better go get a camera!! Stay safe and heal quick! Love ya buddy!

So this week was good! Or I guess the last 4 days! So Kerry got shipped back to New Zealand and is hopefully being taught there now. But we found some great people this week and had some amazing lessons! Celia is really good!! We taught the Word of Wisdom and she’s been clean from marijuana and coffee for 3 days now!! It has been hard on her but she is doing so great!! Last night she called because she was supposed to call if her cravings were really bad and if she had already tried reading, praying, and deep breathing! haha She called and she had locked herself downstairs with her Book of Mormon. She said that she had prayed and started crying and she felt really good and uplifted, but then the cravings were hitting hard! We talked about it on the phone and then I said a prayer with her over the phone. She is so good and I think if she makes it through this week, she will be set and we might even move up here date!

Since Elder Sybrowsky came, President is all about setting dates as soon as possible. Celia is such a great lady and it amazes me that she is doing what she is doing! I often wonder if I were in the same situation, if I would have the guts and diligence to try to push out addictions and all the other things she has just always known and done!! It is such a neat thing to see!! The gospel truly changes lives and it is amazing!!! Hopefully she can continue to stay strong and get through these addictions!! I just now talked to her on the phone again and she’s doing all good!! She turned down her friend for coffee this morning!! I’m super excited for her! Keep her in your prayers!!

Because of all the crazy stuff last week, I forgot to tell you that Lauren, in Selkirk, was baptized! He is the man that Elder Platt and I found. I taught him most everything, but when I left, he was still struggling with the Word of Wisdom. Elder Platt worked with him and then was transfered right before the baptism! So last Saturday, Elder Platt and I got to go up to it and I was asked to speak, last minute. haha I didn’t have anytime to prepare, but luckily I’m a missionary and I talk about baptism a lot so it was no stress! haha It was great driving back up with Elder Platt! He is a great kid and he is doing great work in Agnes, which is now called Stafford. When I left, the Agnes apartment shut down and the area got bigger because there are going to be less missionaries. So now they are in Stafford, same area, just a bit bigger! Elders Platt and Skinner are tearing things up there!!

Last night we had an amazing appointment with a man named James. He set a baptismal date and he is quitting smoking today. But he lives just out of our area, so we have to turn him over. It will be good for the elders there though!! They have both been out a year and neither of them have seen a baptism! They are great elders, but just haven’t seen much success!! They were way excited when we turned James over, so it was good!

I went on exchange with Elder Perry, one of the Assistants to the President and it was great!! He has a full ride football scholarship when he gets home. He loves fly fishing and hunting and he is an amazing missionary!! I learned a lot and we had a blast!! Elder Oberg, the elder that wanted to go home, met with Elder Sybrowsky and he’s a fireball now!

Oh and yesterday a drunk man ran into our car with his bike! We were about 20 feet away street contacting! He jumped up and took off! We didn’t know what to do, we ran over, but he was gone to quick to do anything! Now our car has no side mirror and a big gash down the side! haha It’s ridiculous!!! It’s been a crazy, but great week!! I love my mission so much!! It is such a crazy, amazing experience!!!

Oh and finally I’ve been making homemade fries almost everyday! We usually don’t have time for supper, so we make fries before bed, while we make our calls. It is great!! We have almost gone through a 50 pound bag of potatoes this transfer! haha And our kitchen is now a grease pit! hahaha Life is great! I’m healthy and loving everyday!! I love and miss you all a ton! Stay healthy and safe!!

Love Elder Smith

Thursday, October 14, 2010



Thank you so much for the great pics and emails!! I loved it all!! Payt, I feel horrible for you!! It sounds horrible to do that traction thing!! I’m glad that you are handling it like a champ though!! I’m sure when I get home there will be no squirrels left in IF! haha I love the green cast and I’m sure the ladies do to! The Jeep looks soooooooo good!! hahaha I’m so jealous!! Those rims are so nice!! Hang in there and before you know it you’ll be healthy again and out doing cookies in the Jeep!! Don’t roll it!!

So this week was insane!! The birthday with Akon, Belatu and the Baronins was the best and I recorded videos on my camera that I’ll send home soon! It was an amazing night and such a blast!! Then the week got crazy!! We had Zone Leader Council where all the zone leaders come and have a meeting with President and the Assistants. I was pretty nervous because I am the youngest and one of the new zone leaders, but it went really well! I love President and Sister Paulson!! President loves to make fun of people and make them feel dumb, haha so you watch what you say!! Everyone talks about how the zone leaders get burned and made fun of in ZLC but I made the whole thing without getting it, until it was over and President started talking about his beloved BYU Cougars! I told him they will always let ya down and he got a little fired up! haha He’s so funny and it was a lot of fun!

Then we set a date with an amazing lady named Celia! She is so good and friends with one of the recent converts that Elder Willardson baptized! She is great and will be baptized in November!

The week was going well and then on Tuesday the madness started!! Elder Sybrowsky of the Seventy came for Zone Conference. Check out his picture in the Ensign and know that he is 10 times scarier then he looks!! He wanted a meeting with just the zone leaders, assistants and President Paulson before the Zone Conference!! We were told to report on what we thought the strengths and weaknesses of the mission were. We got in there and I knew it wasn’t gonna be good. He called out Elder Felix (one of the assistants) for conducting wrong, right there on the spot! Then he asked us questions and tore into us with how we should be baptizing a lot more then we are in this mission! He told us that right now in the mission 1 missionary baptizes on avg. 1.2 times a year. Then he asked us questions we didn’t know the answers too and made us feel dumb! haha He was relentless to all of us, President included!! Then it was time for zone conference!! We had prepared a little portion, but we changed it during the hymn, so that we talked about baptism! hahaha Because he talked about how we are here to baptize and our mission’s focus was in the wrong place. Elder Ewell and Elder Davidson changed their portion too! It was funny because we all said “baptism” a ton. After our portions he called us up for public humiliation!! He went over, again, what he had said in the leadership meeting before, then broke us up into zones and told us to figure out a goal for how many we will baptize. The whole time he is asking us hard questions and making us look stupid in front of everyone! haha One of the funny ones was he asked Elder Ewell a question and Elder Ewell didn’t know the answer so he answered it by asking a question, hahaha Elder Sybrowsky said, “What are you a Jew!? We are Mormons here! When we get asked a question, we answer it. We don’t answer with a question!” hahah I laughed pretty hard, but wanted to cry a little because I knew he’d come back over to take some more shots at me and Elder Leonard. He asked me in front of everyone what my purpose as a zone leader was and I gave what I thought was a pretty good answer with something about helping missionaries fulfill their missionary purpose, and he said, “No. stop beating around the bush! You are to help your zone baptize!! haha I should’ve guessed! By the end of the day, if anyone asked me anything I replied by saying, BAPTIZE!” haha It was super scary and super humbling, but I learned a ton!! The stuff he said was what I think a lot of the missionaries needed! I don’t know how I feel about the way he went about it, but what do I know, He’s the Seventy! And he was pretty funny!! It was neat too because I had a good little chat with him after. He’s a great man! But very bold!! And anyway not many people can say they have been called out and made fun of by a general authority, in front of half of the Canada Winnipeg Mission. Me and the other zone leaders can say we have had that privilege! It was funny too because we all came away with some fire! We are setting baptismal dates on people’s door steps now! It’s been frustrating because we have all of these meetings now!

Oh, also we had Stake Coordination a bit back where we accounted for all of the recent converts and ward mission leaders to President Paulson and Stake President Robison. President Robison is the Stake President for all of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. I was way nervous for that one too, but it went well! Oh and get this! President Robison’s son is serving in the Pocatello Idaho mission!! Look him up!! I think he’s in Blackfoot!! But it’s hard to keep our area going the way we want it with all of the busy work stuff and meetings!! It’s kinda crazy, but the area still is doing alright!! We are finding lots of great people and there are lots of good things happening!! I really love helping other missionaries too! We do a ton of exchanges and it’s neat to give advice and training and see missionaries apply it!!

I am loving everyday, but its ridiculous how fast it is going!! I feel like I haven’t had time to even think since I was in Selkirk, walking a couple minutes between doors! hahaha In this area I can jump from door to door! Things are so good and I’m learning a ton!! Thank you so much again for the great birthday stuff!! You are all amazing!! And yes, you can give my email to people you think I want to talk too, it’s allowed. Also, I will find our address for the apartment! We see the Assistants a ton though, so I get stuff fast, if you send it to the office.

Payton, keep your head up and get feeling better!! I love you a ton and I’m so proud of you!! I love you guys all a bunch and I’ll talk to you Monday, probably.

(: Love Elder Smith