Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy Halloween!

Man, you all look so great! Alex and Addi, I loved the costumes! You both look so happy and healthy! I’m so glad you are doing so well!! Payton, you have more facial hair than I do! Lookin good! Sounds like Senior Football Night was a downer!! It’s a sad day when you know you will never get laid-out again, you’ll never get to look up to all of the smart coaches and there life changing stories(haha don’t get me wrong, I really do look up to SOME of the coaches), you’ll never again get to walk like you pooped you pants because you’re beat up after game day, you’ll never again be part of something that makes it impossible for you to put your right arm around a girl, or pick your nose or wipe your bum, you will never again get to see others succeed because they didn’t give 100%, so they stayed healthy all season! hahaha I could go on! Don’t get me wrong, I love and miss football a ton! But, there are bigger, better things buddy! Cheer up and love life! You’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming your way!! I can’t wait to hear some of your skiing stories! Don’t break anymore bones though and watch out for trees, please!! Payt, I love you a ton and I’m so proud of you and what a great kid you are!! I love and miss all of you guys a bunch!

So this week was interesting! We taught zone meeting and it went really well! The trip home from Brandon was good and both zone meetings were fun! President came to the other one and I think he liked it! The week went really well!! Celia is doing super good! She hasn’t missed a week of church and she is excited for her date!! It’s the 20th, so it’ll be here before we know it!!

Waverley had another baptism this week and get this!!! Belatu spoke at it and did a great job!! I didn’t get to go, but I heard it was super good! It was someone that the sister missionaries had been teaching! Her name is Rachell and she is actually a cousin of Akons! It was a great day and President Paulson baptized her!

We are still teaching a lot of great people and we had a really good week. We taught a lot and we have a bunch of people who are really good!! This transfer has gone so fast!! It seems like every transfer is cut in half!!

This Halloween was a pretty interesting one!! We taught in the morning before church and then went to church. It went great and most everyone we were planning on, made it! Then we rushed over to the other church across town for Stake Coordination. This was my second one and it was pretty scary, again! It was the four Winnipeg Zone Leaders, the Assistants, President Paulson, President Robison and one of the High Councilman. It’s funny because we get updates from all of the different branches and wards in our zone and then report on them. We report on the recent converts and bishops and ward mission leaders. Then they ask us questions about them. It is pretty scary, just because they are intimidating! But it all went well!!

Then we went home and ate quick and then had an appointment with a lady named Amie and her son named Goodwin. They were so good and set a baptismal date! I’m super excited about them! But then our night was pretty much over. The members here don’t really think about the missionaries during the holidays. There are some great members here though, it’s an interesting ward because it is full of super humble people. But almost everyone needs help, rather than can give help. It really is a miracle that it functions the way that it does! haha I definitely am learning to love the people here though and hopefully we are helping!

We really did have a great week, but nothing too crazy happened. We set a couple more dates and we had a new man named Jamie come to church and he’s Jewish!! Anybody know how to teach a Jew!? He’s way interested and he seems really good but everyone else I’ve taught usually shares the common ground of a belief in Jesus Christ. Any ideas?? I just want to say, “Come on man! The Messiah came already!!!”

But nothing else too crazy! We did final stewardships today for transfer planning this week and it’s so interesting to talk about the missionaries in our zone. I’ve learned so much from trying to find ways to help them. It’s just interesting to me how some missionaries treat there mission. It’s super sad to see some and super exciting to see others because you know they are going places!! There are so many missionaries that perform so far under their potential and it’s so sad!! I definitely hope to always do my best to reach my full potential! It’s so amazing because we all have the potential to do such great things and due to disobedience or just laziness, it’s so easy to miss our full potential! It’s also been sad to see people fall short of there potential, just because they lack the faith and confidence that they can do great things! It’s also been a testimony builder to me that as we do our best and turn the rest over to the Lord it’s amazing how much we can do! There is a missionary in Brandon that has had a rough mission so far because of his attitude and some bad companions. But the last couple transfers he started to see some success and he has blossomed!! He now has 15+ baptismal dates and he is just tearing Brandon to pieces! It’s just funny because a year ago or even 6 months ago you never would of guessed that he could tear up an area like that! It’s amazing because I don’t think any of us really realize our full potential! Everyday I see more and more that there is so much more that I can learn and do better!! And it can either be an exciting thing or a depressing thing! But I know that as we do our best and work our hardest, pushing forward in faith and then turn the rest over to the Lord, everything will workout and we can accomplish amazing things.

I’m so grateful for the great experiences I get to have everyday and I’m so grateful for all of the great love and support I get from home! I’m so blessed!! Mom, Dad, Payt, Alex, Addi, Gpa and Gma, and Papa and Grammy and Everybody else, you are the best!! Thanks for everything!! Love ya a ton and have a great week!! Love Elder Smith