Monday, December 20, 2010

Szypkowski Visit


Man it’s Christmas time already! This is ridiculous!!! haha Payt, be safe skiing!! And be careful on the ride there!! I can’t believe how old you all look! Was A-Rod in my old snow board boots!?! You all look way too old!! I can’t believe that the Szypkowskis came and saw you!! I love their family! They are sooo great! And so upfront and they are work- aholics! I hammered 10 to 1 of Elder Platt’s nails and one of them hammered 10 to 1 of my nails! haha They are sooo great! And Miki is gonna be going on his mission soon!! Their family is the best! Tell them I miss them a ton! You can also tell them I’m better with a nail gun! They hammered all of the chicken wire up for the walls, by hand! haha They are crazy!! It was a blast though!! Tell Chris I can’t wait for the hunting trip to try out his over-under! I had to turn him down when he handed it to me at his place. hahaha I got so trunky then! He took a shot, reloaded it and then handed it to me! I wanted to shoot so bad! They are great though! Mom, make a filling meal! All of the food they eat is super heavy and filling!! I loved it but after just a couple bites I was stuffed! haha They know how to eat, but they are super skinny! I don’t know! But tell them I miss em!!

So this week was a gooden!! We are teaching a ton, but really having struggles getting people to progress and come to church! We are working through it, but we got transfer calls this week and I’m staying again!! Elder O'Driscoll is headed for Regina! I think I will break the record for longest time spent without breaking the Manitoba border! I love it! Winnipeg is the best! Elder Woods was a district leader and so I get to be with him for his first transfer as Zone leader! He is a champ and I am super excited! I’m sad to see Elder O'Driscoll go, but super excited to be with Elder Woods!! I will learn a ton from him! He came out with me and he is a champ!! Also Elder Leonard is the new assistant to the President!! So he’s back in Winnipeg! This is definitely the hardest area I think I’ve served in, but I’m super excited for this next transfer because I think a lot of great things will happen!

I had a funny story for ya this week though! We went out teaching with Emmanuel and I

gave him his scriptures!! He was way excited!! Mom and Dad, thank you so much!! Emmanuel just kept saying "thank you! Tell your mom thank you so much!" haha He is such a great man with a rock solid testimony! The funny part though was that we took him to an appointment and he is a great teacher! He always helps when we ask him to. He is a great member to bring out! But after coming with us he has learned to be pretty bold with invitations to church! We were teaching and we invited a lady to church and she said she couldn’t because of work. Emmanuel jumped in and said do you have to work every sunday? And she said yes and he said "OH SH**" haha I think we were all caught way off guard! The funny thing was that we had taught repentance earlier in the week and one of the girls there said, "Oh well that’s why there’s repentance, he had better repent!" haha Elder O'Driscoll and I were shocked and holding back from bursting out laughing! And then just a couple minutes later Emmanuel almost did it again! He barely caught himself. He is a great guy, but could definitely use some help with the dignified language. And none of them made it to church, but they are committed to be their this week!

We taught Jamie this week but he is definitely having struggles! He likes his girlfriend and I think he is thinking about getting married, but his testimony is struggling because he isn’t doing what he should be doing! He’s a great kid, but right now things aren’t looking too good.

Some good news is that we are teaching Amie tonight, and Ediline (an amazing recent convert that is friends with Amie) is coming! Hopefully all goes well! Setting up appointments has been a pain because everyone says, "after the new year, we are too busy until Christmas". It’s getting frustrating, but all is well! I’m way excited for this week! We have some good lessons planned and the members have really pulled through! We have supper appointments like all week and a fun day planned for Christmas! We will be with missionaries in the morning and then we are eating at Ediline’s for lunch and the Garcia’s for supper! We got permission to watch “The Best 2 Years” and play WII Tennis. Brother Garcia talked trash about being the best and asked us to ask for permission. President didn’t have a problem with it so we will see what happens! We will call from the Garcias too! We will probably call around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, if that is ok with you? I’ll call ya in the morning to see what your schedule is, but plan on that. Just buy a calling card for an hour because Brother Garcia has a phone with calls to the states for free and we will probably switch off with his phone so we can both make calls at the same time! If you don’t want to buy a card that’s fine too. I can just wait till Elder O'Driscoll is done, I just don’t know what our timing will be like. It’s sooooo crazy that it is here again already! I just called for Mother’s Day! I’m way excited, but kinda nervous too! It’s been a LONG time since we’ve talked. It’s gonna be sooo great! But I guess if you want anymore updates you can remind me when I call!

I love you all a ton! Your package should be there sometime this week! It might be a day or two late for Christmas!? I don’t know for sure! Hopefully you like it though! Oh, Happy Annaver....... I donno how to spell it. hahaha Happy ‘that thing were you remember when you were married’! haha My mission has helped me with many things but spelling isn’t one of them! Grammer niether! HAHA But I feel way bad for not remembering! haha Sorry!! I love you all a ton!! Oh Dad, I sent your letter and B- day stuff with the Christmas stuff!! I’m so sorry! I know that’s lame! Bonus is that you are the only one that gets a letter! Welp, times up but I love you all a ton and I’ll look forward to talking to ya soon!!

Love Elder Smith

Sunday, December 19, 2010


As President of the Winnipeg Manitoba Stake, it was such a privilege for me and my wife to have your missionary in our home last night for a Christmas Dinner. You'll never know how much it means to us to have these missionaries in our home, as we currently have a son currently serving in the Idaho Pocatello Mission.

We have attached a picture and hope that you are able to find your missionary ; )

We want you to know how much we appreciate you for doing such a great job raising a chid willing to serve a mission. Thank you.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

President and Sister Robison