Thursday, October 22, 2009

MTC Veteran. . . Countdown to CANADA!

Elder Gelwix & Elder Smith
"Boulevard Ward Boys"
Family and Friends,
Thank you so much for all the letters and packages! Your support is awesome! I feel like the most loved missionary in the MTC! Addison and Alex, thank you for the pictures and letters also. Dad and Payt, your letters are awesome. Mom and Grandma, you top out with amazing packages.
I have so much amazing food here. Haha. This is awesome because here, we go by the law of consecration. So in this aspect of the MTC, I think I'm one of the favorites. It's extremely fun too, because I've been able to greet the new missionaries in the MTC next door to us in our dorms. I know how hard the first day is, so it's been awesome to greet two new sets of missionaries with amazing homemade food. At first, they were shocked, just like I was when I first got here when I was greeted with food and nice missionaries as well. It's awesome here because everyone is so nice and helpful. The firesides have been awesome and a ton of fun. I've learned so much. One of the coolest parts was at one of our firesides when the whole auditorium full of missionaries was singing "Armies of Helaman." It was so powerful. It's an awesome place! It's been really cool because I run into a ton of Canadian missionaries. I really think I've learned how to speak their language. Two of them came into one of the districts that we welcomed into our dorm. They're really cool. One of them reminds me of a mix of Jordan Bowman and Matt Collette. He's really cool. He's told me a ton of cool facts about Canada, and they do say 'tight' there, which I think is 'tight'. It's gotten a ton easier as I've gotten into the routine, and now I'm just ready for Canada. I HAVE MY TRAVEL PLANS!!! I have to be up Wednesday morning at three AM, and report by four. I then am driven to the Salt Lake Airport, and my plane leaves for Denver at 7:30. I should get there at 9, and then I'll leave at 10:20 for Winnipeg. I should get there at 1:30. AND GUESS WHAT, I'M ALLOWED TO CALL HOME!!! So expect a call before 7:30, and hopefully another, once I get to Denver, haha. I'm so excited to hear your voices and to be on my way to Canada.
I just wanted to let you know that I love and miss you soooooo much! I looked at my life and I can't believe how blessed I have been! I am sure that I have better family and friends than anyone here!! I have been so lucky and I regret not being more grateful for it throughout my life! You people are so amazing! I can't even express how grateful I am for you! I love you all so much! Thank you for all of the support! It's crazy because while I've been here, I've seen kids who have broken families, messed up parents, wierd friends, lost sibling, and all around horrible lives! I even met a super cool kid who is completely color blind! But they are all still out here doing the Lord's work! Its been a shocker to me because I am sooo blessed! I wouldn't want anything different about my life! You all are so amazing and you have been soo good to me! We all run into hard times but we have to remember how lucky we are!

Finally, I know even with all the blessing that we have life isn't easy! We all have trials of our own that we have to get through! Even out here in this "spiritual prison" haha and I mean that in a good way rather than in the bad way we are used to! haha But out here and everywere else there are going to be trials! I found this scripture chapter and it honestly is my fav of all time, right now! It's Ether 12!! Check out the whole chapter its amazing! Mom read through it for Family Home Evening! its good stuff! But once again, I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for all you do! You are amazing! Don't worry about me at all because I'm fantastic!! Oh and alex! Way to rock the football championship! you're the man! And payt, kick trash friday night and "pick" a couple for me! Everyone knows you're the stud of that teams so just keep rockin' it in the games! love you all!!