Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Friends and Family!

Wow! What an amazing week! I have so much to say, but no time to say it!! First off sorry this is late. I love Canadians and Dad would too because they drag out Christmas as long as they can! After Christmas, they have Boxing Day and because it was on a weekend the figured they’d give the whole country another day off! haha So on Monday nothing was open, including the library, so that’s why I’m late! But Christmas was amazing!! It so funny how I have had 19 years to talk to my family, but an hour and a half of just hearing their voices was the best Christmas present I have ever received by far! It was definitely an emotional week, but I have never been more grateful for what I have! I am honestly the luckiest kid in the world! Thank you so much to everyone for all the Christmas stuff and all the support! You are all amazing!! And family, it sounds like you had a great Christmas! Dad, you will get the perfect electronics Christmas one of these years I know it! ha ha It’s funny because I was talking to my comp about my bummer christmas, that one year and I was die-ing laughing thinking about it! Then I just wanted to bawl when I remembered the look on Mom and Dads face when they saw the look on my face when nothing worked! I was such an ungrateful little punk!! Mom and Dad you are so amazing!! You talked about how you were grateful for our relationship, thank you so much for how you are!! Our family is amazing! It was soooo great to hear all of your voices!! You all sound so good!! You are the best and I love and miss you all so much!! The rotten post Christmas blues definitely stink! haha But I cannot complain at all because I have the best family in the world and I am loving Canada and the people here!! I have no reason to ever be down ever again!! I am so blessed!! Alright, I could go on forever, but I’ll send this portion and then talk of other things.

Ok, first off there are some funny things I forgot to tell you! The other day I was walking in our apartment and my companion said that I walked like a dinosaur. So I said, “Really? My Dad always said it sounded more like a bull in a china closet. haha Actually, when he told me I just died laughing! I guess you were right all along. Everyday I’m out here I learn more and more that everything that Dad said was true! Dad, I miss you so much!! Thank you so much for the email!! Everything you say is what I need!! You’re the best!!

Another funny that I forgot to tell you is that Manitoba is the Slurpy capital of the world, and this is the 10th year in a row!! And I believe it! It’s crazy, it’ll be -40 outside and you will see people with a Slurpy in their bare hand!! They are crazy! I figured it out though, it’s because you can feel the warmth! haha The other day I came in from outside and my hands were frozen and numb! I reached into the freezer and grabbed a frozen chicken patty with my bare hand and it warmed up my hand! I’m a believer and I’m getting me a Slurpy this week!!

Also the other day I saw the “My Flag” song in the Children Songbook and my eyes watered up! (The song Addi sang for my Eagle Court of Honor) I’d give anything to here Addi sing that song!! I feel horrible because I remember yelling at her to stop singing that stupid song. But I would honestly give anything to here her sing it right now! haha I am sorry for the mess up that I was Addi! Keep singing! Your voice is beautiful!!!

Ok, moving on. One of the amazing investigators that I forgot to tell you about is Daniel!! He is from Sudan also and he is amazing!! He said that he’s will get baptized after he talks to the bishop and the bishop says that his other baptism doesn’t count. We were going to tell him that we new the answer, but we figured it would be good for him to talk to the bishop and build that friendship, so we are going to do an appointment this week with the bishop! He knows the answer, as well, because I’m pretty sure we taught it to him pretty clearly before we extended the commitment. But it’ll be great for him to talk to the bishop and I’m super excited for that!! He is taking everything in and he is amazing!!

Also Derek and Yvonne are doing great! We actually meet with them in about one hour and it’s Word of Wisdom time! We are on exchanges and I’m with a new missionary that came out with me, but he’s taught very few lessons and he says he’s never taught the Word of Wisdom. haha So it’ll be interesting! I’m so grateful for my area and my companions because we teach so much more then a lot of the other missionaries! This Elder that I’m on exchanges with says he has only taught about 10 lessons his whole mission! In Agnes we teach like 5 a day! He has never gotten to extend a baptismal commitment either and sometimes I think we extent to many. haha It’s sad too because I’ve tracted about 45 minutes my whole mission and he says he’s tracted everyday, most of the day, and not seen much success. So I’m excited to take him in our area, and we are going to extend a baptismal commitment to Deon tonight and I’m gonna let him do it!! It’ll be a great night!! I have been so blessed with my companions and area and everything!! I get so many blessings it is ridiculous!! I am sooo grateful!!

Finally Akon’s family is doing good but they aren’t home from Christmas yet, so I will fill you in next week!! I love you all a ton and thank you soooo much for all that you do!! Love Elder Smith!!