Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Friends and Family!

Hey, it was soooo great to talk to you this week! It was a whole lot easier than last time! It was tough hanging up but we had another appointment that night that went really well and it snapped me out of any homesickness pretty quick, which was great!

As for golfing, it got rained out so hopefully next week!! Sorry if this email is rough because I told you a lot on the call and I have to go to the bathroom really bad, but somebody is taking forever! haha

But this week was good! Karl, Velma and Chris all made it to church which was great! The only bad part is that Velma is really sick so she had to cancel with us today, which really stinks! We were going to teach the Word of Wisdom and I was really excited and nervous about it! Hopefully she will get better soon so we can teach her! We also taught a great new lady last night! She is a single mom with a ton of crazy kids but she said she’d come to church this week so hopefully that goes well! We are teaching fasting and obeying and honoring the law with Chris today and those are the only commandments he hasn’t heard! He has accepted everything else and so now we are just waiting for him to get his work schedule sured up so he can get bath-i-tized! haha I don’t know if i told you about Brother Brown back in Agnes but he always said “bath-i- tized” when we took him out teaching with us. haha He also said “gost-a-pel” instead of gospel! haha He has a heart of gold!

That was sooo good to hear from Pious! I’m not aloud to email him from my account though, I can only email him through you, so I will send you an email for him! He is the best!! I sent him one of my favorite ties so that’s why he was thanking me. haha Elder Shulte gave it to him for me and he said he was super excited! He has plans to come stay with us after my mission, if that’s ok? He has always wanted to see Salt Lake City! Man he is a champ!! The members her are great and since there have been people coming to church they are really getting more excited about missionary work! It’s been really neat to see!

Elder Platt is doing good! haha It was fun to listen to him talk about his family! He is the youngest and has a funny way of looking at things! It’s a lot different when you are the youngest and last to leave the house because people don’t care about you as much. haha I felt really bad for Elder Willardson because he told me when he called home was when his sister decided to tell the family she was pregnant. hahaha So the whole family just wanted to talk about the baby! I felt bad for him. He said he wanted to hang up and call later. hahahaha He was joking of course, but its so funny to see people and their different situations! I am definitely so blessed and so grateful for my wonderful family and the way that they are! You guys are the best! It was sooo great to talk to you!

Payton, I am sooooo jealous of that green tux! You are the man! haha But I love you guys so much! Sorry that I don’t have a whole lot to say, but I told ya most everything that happened recently.

We had Zone Conference this week and it was really good! I told you about my exchange with Elder Willardson, but it really was sooo much fun! He’s a great kid! I saw Elder Leaonard and Elder Ewell at the baptism the other day and oh, I forgot to tell you Elder Ewell and Elder Leonard are the South Zone Zone Leaders! They are serving together and I’m super jealous of both of them! It’s way fun to see them because they are serving together and I served with both of them!

It’s so amazing how many member and missionary and investigator friends I have made! I have gotten to know and love so many people here! Missions are the best!! I’m gonna write something to Pious and so I better go so I don’t run out of time! I love you and miss you all so much! Payt I got your letter! Thanks a ton! You’re the best and Mom I got Matt’s emails and pictures! Thank you sooo much! You guys are the greatest!!

Love you a ton! Keep up the great work!!

Love Elder Smith!