Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Friends and Family!

Hey! Man, it’s so crazy that I keep finding myself in the Selkirk library!! Every week gets away so fast its ridiculous! Mom thank you so much for the package!! All of the stuff made it here great and I’ve had a great opportunity to work on my love, charity, and long suffering by sharing my purple bottles of gold! haha Man, that syrup is so good! You are the greatest!! Thank you for all that you guys do! And tell Grandma thank you so much for all of her letters! She doesn’t seem to miss a week to write! Tell her to stop sending money though!! haha The fudge and toffee put enough weight on me already! You guys are the greatest!! Payt, congrats on the great camp!! Stay healthy and tear it up!! Oh and will you take the ACT for me??? haha I’m sure you will score better and it’ll save Mom and Dad money! See what you can do! A-rod you are such a champ! I love the baseball picture of you! You are sooo athletic looking! I’m so proud of you being a great catcher! I always liked that position, but I wasn’t good enough to get to play it a lot! You are such a champ! Keep it up and lay some kids out for me!! Write me an email and let me know about your plans for football!! I’m looking forward to hearing about what your plans are! Keep tearing up baseball!!

So this week was another crazy one! Karl didn’t show to church last week and we didn’t know why so we went over to see what happened! Turns out on last Saturday night he decided to show a girl how to drive! He is such a great guy, but he doesn’t always think things through. haha So he was showing her how to drive and he was trying to tell her all the rules of the road, because it’s just how he is. So because his tail light was out he tells her to use hand signals for turns! hahahaha So she does a signal to turn and there was a cop behind her that thought she was throwing something out the window and thought she was drunk, so she gets pulled over and the cop was really a jerk, I guess. So she doesn’t have a license and so they search the car and there was a little flask with some alcohol in it that Karl didn’t know about. So they took his car and he had to walk home! The next morning he walked to get the car and by the time he got it, church was over. So he now has a court date for August 6th and his baptismal date WAS August 7th. He told us all this and he was super sad and mad. So we get the idea to move up his date. We talked to President and got the ok and then we had like the best lesson ever with him!! We planned a ton and things just fell into place perfect! He said he really felt the Spirit and he bore a super solid testimony!! We moved up the date to June 26th! We meet with him tonight to go over the interview questions and his interview is this Saturday! He made it to church this week too and he is super excited for the baptism!! It is so great and now I will for sure be here for the baptism!! It’s under two weeks away!!! So that was so great and we are super excited!

Thank you so much for the stuff you said about the Atonement and Word of Wisdom! It was great! As for the update on everybody else.. Kimberly is still doing great and she made it to church! She knows this is what she wants for her and her kids, but the Word of Wisdom is really hard for her! Chris is doing good but his boss keeps scheduling his work during church and Chris keeps saying that his boss is changing it, but he keeps missing! As soon as he can get to church regularly he will get baptized! He’s so good and he loves meeting with us and loves the members and he has a testimony, but the work issues are killing him! Hopefully things will fall into place with that soon!

Velma is moving this week and get this! She is moving into the Agnes area!! I’m super jealous of her! But the crazy thing is that I love Selkirk just as much as Agnes these days!! The members and people here are so great!! Last week we had 9 appointments with members there!! They come and help us so much and it is so great for the investigators!! Back to Velma, she is doing really good and she is so close to beating these Word of Wisdom problems, but she’s got to much stress with moving and everything! Hopefully the Agnes Elders will get her baptized!

Ben’s about the same and we have some other people that are really coming along! Things are good but some crazy stuff happened this week! Our car got broken into and Elder Platt got his camera and backpack full of stuff stolen! I felt so bad! We don’t know if we left it unlocked or if they broke in, but either way it really stunk. I didn’t have anything in the car, but I feel super bad for Elder Platt! He’s such a good kid though and he handled it like a champ! He jokes about how now he doesn’t see the Child of God in people, he just sees the possible thief! haha He’s a great kid and he’s doing great!

Other bad news.. Brother Watson told us this week that he has no testimony of anything. Yes, he is the member that emailed you for me. It’s so sad. He still goes to church and even had a calling as the secretary but he says he knows the church helps people so he keeps going and doing, but he doesn’t believe there is a God. It’s so sad and it was so hard to here from a man that I respect so much! They have such an amazing conversion story and I don’t get how his testimony is just gone! It reminded me of Elder Holland’s talk when he said even many of the elect would be deceived! It’s so sad, but it helped me realize how important it is to continually live the commandments and strive to spiritually progress everyday! Daily scripture study and prayer are soooooooo important! It’s crazy because back home I would miss days reading and out here when investigators miss days reading or praying it is devastating and so confusing to me! Why would anyone ever turn down the blessings that come from daily study and prayer! They are so important! It’s so easy to skip out on the little things but it can hurt us so much! It’s so funny how you can see the huge impact that reading, praying, and going to church every week make!!

But I got to go! You guys are the best! I love you so much and I’m so grateful for all that you do! Love everyday and don’t skip out on the little things!! haha You guys are the greatest! I love you so much!!

Love Elder Smith!!