Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Friends and Fam!

Man, I loved your emails this week! You are the greatest!! Dad, you are a champ! I have seen so many nice bikes up this way and I always think of you!! Two years from now me, you, and Uncle Kellan and Jordan should go on a long ride up this way! Me and Jordan could rent bikes and make a great week of it! haha deal!?? You guys were looking good! I like your new helmet, definitely helps you pull off the beautiful bike! You and Uncle Kellan were looking great!!

Mom, you’re the best and I’m sure you are the best Relief Society Pres. ever!! The package isn’t here yet, but it should get here in plenty of time. Transfer calls are this Sunday, crazy! Transfers are going by like weeks lately! It’s insane! I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Elder Platt is a goof! I love him to death, but man he’s fun to scare. haha We’ve been up here in Selkirk together forever, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens this next transfer! It’s funny because since we have been together so long we are now “common law” in Canada and we are considered “Eternal Companions”! Let me just say, I’m glad I get to pick my real eternal companion!

Payt, you are a champ! Keep tearing kids up, but don’t over do, please!! Man it is insane! We are going into the fall! I’m soooo excited for football stats and for it to cool off! haha With humidity, it was 40 degrees C, yesterday. The humidity is insane here!Keep me updated with football and give me more details, please!

So this week was interesting, for sure! We have been working so hard and right when you are super excited about things you run into trials. Hah! It’s crazy how many ups and downs there are! This week Kimberly and Matthew both dropped us! We have worked with them so much! The branch has done so much for them and they all of the sudden say its not for them! They both have told us how much it has blessed them in their lives and how they know it’s what they should do, but they just aren’t willing to live the commandments! It’s amazing how you can care about someone so much and try so hard to help them, and they can just quit. It was super hard, but man I have learned a lot! It’s just so crazy!

It’s amazing how many ups and downs there are out here! Stuff like that can get you so down, but then you get to see Karl and Chris and it can make things all worth it! Karl went to a lesson with us to teach Lauren. Lauren is a real interesting guy and he loves to talk your ear off with crazy stuff. I was worried what Karl would think, but he wanted to come because he had met Lauren at church. He came and the lesson was amazing! Karl made Lauren feel so good and he was so patient with the whole situation! On top of that, he bore a solid testimony!! I love Karl! He is sooooo great!! Chris is also doing great! I have been so blessed with so many amazing experiences, and I have met so many amazing people! It stinks when bad things happen, but man I have been so blessed and I love my mission!! The area still has some good people to teach, so we will see what happens the next week or so and it’ll be crazy to see what comes with transfers! I wish that I could do so much more for the branch but I’m grateful for the growth and good things that have happened here! Selkirk is the greatest!

As for other things, I am loving being District Leader! It takes a lot more time away and it’s pretty stressful, but it’s so neat to see missionaries take advice and have it work! I’ve had some great exchanges and I love the missionaries in my district, even though some are not the smartest or most obedient. haha District meeting went great this week and I stayed conscious the whole time yet again! haha I used a neat analogy with Dad and is “sacred (stereo) speaker system” to teach this week! It went really good and I’m so grateful that Dad gave me the advice to use personal experiences to apply to the gospel! It has helped me teach so much! I will never be as good at it as Dad, but it really helps when teaching! I don’t have time to write what I said but maybe one day I’ll share some of the analogies I’ve used with ya.

Things are going great here, though! Thank you so much for your love and support! You are the greatest family ever!! I love and miss you so much! Stay healthy and safe and keep me updated!

Love Elder Smith!