Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hey hey hey!

haha I’m running out of titles for my emails.... The same one is fitting for a lot of weeks! This week was a hard fought one for sure! Everything is so great! Missions are so great but we had kind of an “elevator affect” in our area where we got some people baptized and some bailed out of the elevator and now we are going back down to try and find more people! It’s been crazy because we have been super blessed with finding and teaching but not a lot of the people are willing to keep commitments. It’s great to have humbling weeks to reevaluate where you are, and make new plans and goals! I can’t even say its been a humbling time because we have been so blessed. But it was just kind of an odd week! It is so amazing how blessed we have been and I’m so excited to go and find some more great people! We were out at Brandon last Monday and it was fun to go bowling again! It always makes for a crazy week though because we don’t get back until Tuesday evening and then we have to teach another meeting Wednesday morning and then we have to try and teach everybody and get people to church with the days we have left! I always thought that missions would be this spiritual, relaxing 2 year get away with some hard work, but man! Like the spiritual stuff is definitely there but I feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off all the time! haha We have exchanges all the time and meetings and a ton of crazy stuff with trying to find, teach, and baptize!! It has been such a great experience though because I really have seen how much we all are capable of and what a difference it makes when you rely on the Lord!!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any funny stories for ya this week. It was a week full of driving, tracting, teaching, and people bailing on commitments! Maritess and Edilyn and Amie and Godwin are all doing so great though! The ward here is wonderful and it is so great to be here!! I did have a couple questions for ya. A lot of the missionaries have already applied for school! I’m not trunken out or anything, but it made me nervous because they already have applied for the fall semester, which means I probably have to apply for the winter one in the next couple months, or so. I know you are probably all on top of it but I was wondering if you had any info? They had to write some little short essays and stuff to apply. So I was wondering if you could see what the details are on that. I was wondering if you could get info so I can apply to Utah State, BYU, ISU, U of Utah, BUYI, and any others that you think are a good idea. I haven’t thought about it at all but Elder Leonard already has been accepted and picked out his classes and he only came out 2 transfers before me, so I was a little worried about it! hahaha I’m sure that Mom is already all over it though! So maybe wait till next week, after the “family thesis” is over to check out the schooling stuff! haha

Sorry my email is so lame this week!! It was an interesting week and I don’t have much time because we have an appointment to rush off to! I love you all so much though! I’M SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! I hope you had a blast at the cabin and have a great week! I love you all a bunch!! Love Elder Smith