Monday, March 28, 2011



First off, Dad I hope you don’t feel bad about last week! i knew you wouldn't miss! haha i figured the computer was being dumb! Edilyn is sooo great! haha She had it to me like the next day! She said it made her happy to know that you could rely on her. Payt, thanks so much for the missionary and life update! I can’t believe everybody is on a mission and getting home from missions! I’m so sad that I wasn’t there for Chet’s homecoming! I love that kid! He is a spiritual giant! It’s soooooo weird that he is home though!! Like he just left!!! Tell him I say hello!

Mom it looks like you had a blast in Cali and I’m glad to hear that everybody survived!! Your California adventure stories made me laugh. I loved the pic and singing with Farley story! You guys looked like some classy, happnen young mothers! Mom and Dad thanks for the email last week! I really liked the advise! You are all so wonderful!! Dad I love the quotes you send!! I love and miss all of you so much, thank you so much for all that you do!

So this week was another good one!! The last couple weeks have been ridiculous! I feel like I don’t have time to take a breath, and the week is over!! We are working so hard, but a week just isn’t enough time and it comes and goes so fast! It’s ridiculous! We had ZLC this week so we were out of our area for a day. This week we are in Brandon Monday and half of Tuesday, and then we have another meeting in the city on Wednesday. It takes a lot of time, but it’s super fun to teach missionaries! We are excited about our Zone meeting this week! Hopefully it goes well! We also had Stake Correlation this week which was good!! I love the Stake President! He is a great guy and it’s been fun to get to know him!! You definitely need to treat is son good, if you see him because President Robison had the hookups here for us when we come to visit! He is a great guy! So that’s all the crazy, odd stuff we have going on! We also went to a fireside last night and I saw the Baronins there! They are sooo great!! I love and miss them a ton! Also, I talked to Belatu the other day!! She is doing sooooooo good!! She hasn’t missed a day of church since she was baptized! I love and miss her and her kids soooo much!! It’s sooo good to hear that she is doing so well!

This week was good though!! we are teaching so many good people right now and something’s got to give!! We invited Ronald to be baptized for the 3rd time this week! He knows it’s true and the Spirit is always so strong when we are there teaching him! But he just won’t pull the trigger. We had some great lessons with him this week. He has finally been reading and praying everyday and he was super committed to church on Sunday and then he stayed up till 4 AM on Saturday night talking to people in the Philippines!! aaaahhhh He slept in and missed church! So frustrating! haha We will get him next week though!! There are four sessions! haha Good luck thinking up four excuses in 2 days! I love Ronald so much though and his only hold up is that his family is almost all Catholic! He’s ready though! Hopefully all goes well! Keep him in your prayers!!

Laury was sick all week so we haven’t seen her. Michelle and Derick are so good! We had a great lesson with them and they said they would be to church! Edilyn has been amazing fellowship! She invited them to church and she was there ride and it was gonna be so good, she was so excited!! And they bailed Sunday morning! I felt so bad and mad because I wanted them there, but mostly because Edilyn was so mad! haha She takes missionary work seriously! She was not happy! That family is so great!! Oh and you were wondering what you could send her? She likes a lotion from Victoria Secret called Sweet Temptations hahaha I know that’s kind of a funny request, but they don’t have Victoria Secret in Canada or the Philippines haha So I don’t think she even knows what the store is! hahaha But she likes the lotion! She’s funny! But you will definitely be her favorite if you send her that.

But hopefully this week Michelle and Dereck will come! They are so good! This week we taught a member and his girlfriend. The member is great and we set a baptismal date with his girlfriend, but they have to get married first. Her name is Carla and she’s really good and they made it out to church! We also set a date with a great man named Bruce! He is way good but his wife. . . . not so much! haha He came to church by himself because she bailed!! We will have to see what happens there. We have so many good things going and so hopefully we see some more baptisms soon! I feel super rushed because I don’t think I will have another transfer here! Hopefully I will, but I’ve been here a long time so I probably won’t have more than just over a month left here! Hopefully everything starts falling into place for all of these great people! We really have been so blessed with great people to teach! Hopefully all goes well!!

Missions are the best! Oh Dad, to answer you and Gpa and Gma’s questions, Elder Lovelace is from Georgia! He says “yawl” a lot! haha He’s great! He did a year at BYU before his mission and that’s where he will be when he gets home. He was the youngest in his family, so since he left, his parents moved to Utah for a job and now they are just moving again to London!! Crazy! I’m glad you aren’t going anywhere crazy! He has no home to go home to! But he does have a future wife and his parent’s old house in Utah! hahaha He’s a funny kid and a super hard worker! It’ll be a great transfer!! Well I gotta go, but I love all of you so much! I’m so grateful for all that you do for me!! I have the best family ever!! Stay safe and keep me posted!! Love ya lots!

Love Elder Smith!