Monday, May 16, 2011



First off, before I forget, here is my address: 303-215 Kingsmere Blvd the problem is that I don’t know the zip code ): It’s Saskatoon Sask......... haha um.... hopefully you can figure out the rest hahaha Thanks so much for the wonderful pics and updates! You guys look like you are just liven’ it up! And Payton is definitely your more attractive son! Wow! That kid looks good!! And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more attractive group!! I’m so proud of you for the great kid that you are Payt!! You are a beast!! I love you guys all sooo much!! It made me super happy to see all of the grandparents doing so well! They also are some gooood looken’ couples!! It definitely runs in the family! (: Mom and Dad you look so healthy happy and proud! haha I love you all a bunch!!

So this week was a good one for the most part! Things are really warming up and it’s great! It was like 18 celsius the other day and I was dying! I’m worried for what the actual summer will do to me! Canada weather really messes with ya! But Bruce got baptized!!! I have been way out of the loop with everything, so it has definitely made me Winnipeg homesick!! Elder Woods still calls me every once and awhile to give me updates, but other than that I’m way out of the loop! I’m really starting to love it here though!! We are working with some really great people! Finding people through tracting has definitely been a little more difficult, but we are still seeing some success with it! There are some wonderful members here though and some great part member gold!! Maricio is sooooooo golden!! He was gonna set a date this week for sure! haha But they had to bail on our appointment because of family! ahhhh!! Because of work they can only meet on weekends and so missing the one appointment for the week kills!! They made it to church though and he is so ready!! We have a new ward mission leader and he is fantastic!! He is a RM of a couple years and I love him!! This weekend he is having Maricio and Angelica over for supper and games with a bunch of other RM's and their wives! Half of which speak Spanish! And we are meeting with them the next day!! The members here are amazing!! We get fed more than we should and there are so many people willing to help and they know how because they are all RM's! It’s sooooo great!! Super intimidating too, though!! It’s just a way different atmosphere!! It’s so good and I can’t wait to see what is to come!! We also finally got an appointment with a less active member and his fiance! They have been trying to come back out to church and they have made it a couple times and they finally are letting us come and see them this week!! Her name is Courtney. We are teaching tons of Chinese people that are Atheist, Indian people that are Muslim or Buddist or some other crazy religion and they are so hard to teach!! They are so smart and kind, but everything that we teach is so new and different that it makes it so hard to teach them!! Any ideas?? The hardest are the people from China because they really have like no faith and they are so smart and humble and kind! It’s super difficult!! Any ideas!?

But things here are so great and I’m really starting to love it! It’s been frustrating because I haven’t got to settle into the area because I keep having to leave it. This week I had to go up to Prince Albert with one of the Zone Leaders to do a baptismal interview. It was a frustrating experience all the way around!! First off, the zone leader is a punk! I’ve tried super hard to get to know and love him, but he is so undignified and disobedient that it is so frustrating! He is also very talented and funny and he can do great things when he wants to! He isn’t the worst ever, but he definitely is a very poor example for the other missionaries and it makes me mad! It’s been really hard to love him and respect him when he is doing such ridiculous stuff. But it’s been good because when I’m able to look past it, I really do learn a lot from him! I think a big part of it is just my pride makes it hard to do stuff that a disobedient missionary tells me to do! haha It’s been a good learning experience to be around him. But the missionaries who needed the interview are not the most obedient either, so the interview was poorly planned and it had to be done at her house with her dad there, who is a non member, so it was a super odd experience. I was really frustrated and outnumbered three to one, with less diligent missionaries. But the interview went amazingly well!! She is so prepared! She has a good friend in the church and her friend had taught her everything. It was so great, minus all the odd, weird, bad stuff going on around. Oh, then the night was filled with missionaries being dumb, staying up and then all three of them slept through studies. aahhhh! I was ready to pull my hair out!! It was so ridiculous and then I feel like trash because they’re all being dumb! Man, I was sooo glad for it to be over. It’s funny though, because you learn so much with stupid things like this. I hated the experience because I felt so powerless, but I learned a lot and it made me want to do even better myself! It’s funny because since this is my journal I wanted to put this story in, but just talking about it is making me feel bad. It’s funny because in life, and on your mission, you have so many opportunities to make decisions and every decision has a consequence. You can waste a lot of your mission and life doing stupid stuff and we all do! But it’s been so good to see how important time is and how much you can do when you do your best to take advantage of every minute!

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to be on a mission! It is the best! I have never ever been so stretched! I am sooo grateful for my great family and the gospel of Jesus Christ! And I’m so grateful for the chance to be stretched, tried, and the chance to make right and wrong decisions! Agency and trials are the best!! I love you all a bunch! Stay healthy and happy and keep me posted! Have a great week!!

Love Elder Smith