Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hey family!

It sounds like you guys had a great week! Mom don’t stress the blood tests or water! I will be in for the next blood test in like 15 days and I pack water everywhere. That would be great if Aunt Jen could get me that job! I gotta stay busy! And anyway, Payt and I will have plenty of time I’m sure! I will do those application essays this week! Thanks for doing all of that for me! You are wonderful! I loved the pictures! Payt, Alex and Colter, nice flexing! I’m impressed! haha As far as the other picture, Alex... cheer up buddy! haha Payt you’re a thug! Kaylee, you are way too old and pretty to be my little cousin! haha Creepy!!! I’m sure Uncle Doug and Aunt Jen have there hands full! It’s a good thing Uncle Doug is ripped! haha Thanks so much for the emails, pics, and updates though! It’s great!! Dad be careful on your Harley trip!! Payt, I’m soo excited for your papers being in!! I’m going to send a members # next week, so right when you get your call you can call them and they can tell me!! That’s so exciting though!!

But this week was a little frustrating, but still good!! I had to go to Winnipeg for a specialized training meeting and so we left Tuesday and didn’t get home till late Thursday night. So again, we didn’t get a full week! Tara and Trent were doing so good, but when we got home their mom had given them anti! So they dropped their date, but we are still working with them. It was sad! People get opposition so fast when they start progressing! So that was kind of disappointing. Then yesterday I had to go and talk to a man that asked to have is records removed. He had already filled out everything he needed to, but President still wanted me to go by and make sure. He was a nice guy but it was an interesting experience! SAD STUFF! We taught Joe a lot this week though and he is still working toward his date, but he had to work this Sunday which was frustrating!! Hopefully it won’t be a regular thing! He is a good kid and we had supper with him over at the Hiscocks. Brother Hiscock is one of the three priesthood holders and he is great! His wife and family are wonderful and great missionaries, but they move this week after being here for like 30 years! More sad stuff! They are like half the branch!! We soooo badly need to find and baptize some priesthood holders and families!! The branch members are amazing though! They all have a ton of callings. Oh funny story for ya! haha So this week we had no chorister, so guess who filled in...... (: And Dad said I had no musical talent! haha Take that Dad! And I didn’t even spell my name or nothing! I kinda did it right! Well at least the leading part haha The hard part is that we have no pianist. I really wish I would have stuck with that!! So we have a CD player! What a pain! Finding the right song was a big struggle because there are like 8 different CDs. Funny stuff! But Saturday night before church we were so sad because everyone had bailed for church! Sooo frustrating! But we were out finding and we found this lady and her kids that wanted to come! We didn’t even teach her, but she came to church, so that was great! Things are going well though. We have 7 appointments for today with some good people, so hopefully all goes well there!! It is so hot here! It’s unreal that it can go from -40 C to +40 C in the course of a couple months! haha But when you guys come up, you will love it here! It is so beautiful!! My comp is great! He’s a good ‘ol Preston boy and I now know what an Idaho drawl is! haha Things are going so well here though!! I really hope we can get this branch rollin! Keep them in your prayers!! I love you all so much!! Be safe and smart and have a great week!

Oh one more thing.. I think I had better go to the dentist! It doesn’t hurt much but it has me worried, so i think I’m gonna get in on P-day!! Sorry let me know what the insurance deal is or whatever. I just don’t wanna have to pay for a root canal for waiting too long haha. Love you all! Have a great week!

Love Elder Smith