Monday, August 15, 2011


Hey family!

So this was a pretty good but crazy week!! It started off in Fort Frances where we emailed and then we got to the border. The line was like a 2 hour wait and we were late for a meal appointment. We were with the two other elders and we decided to run across the border! hahah The second we started running it started down pouring rain like a waterfall! We sprinted through it and got to the border to give them our passports! They still let me into America!! Oh and turns out, passports are waterproof! Pretty neat! So we got picked up and went and ate and then later went back and got our car! It was P-day so we shopped there and it was wonderful!! We got everything like half the price that it is in Canada and the dollar is pretty much par! haha So we loaded up and spent hardly anything! It was sooo great. And the sprint in the rain over the border was pretty memorable! We had some great appointments that night and a good exchange! One with an amazing recent convert and his brother! It was really good and I enjoyed International Falls. I taught the district meeting that morning and it went well! because it was in International Falls, the senior couple that is down there came. Their name is Cutler. They are from Shelley and they said that they knew Grandpa Smith from the site! Elder Cutler had nothing but good things to say about Grandpa, of course! It was neat!

So we got home Tuesday night and ate at the Vahovicks with Gerald and his 2 daughters and then we had a great lesson with them!! I love them a ton! Hopefully things work out there. But it was a great night! The Vahovicks are wonderful and I think they will let you stay at there place when you come up! That night we taught Desmond and it went ok! Then we found this great man named John! He is an electrician here at the miss and so he knew almost everyone in the branch! He came to church and I think he enjoyed it! We are inviting him to be baptized this week, so hopefully all goes well! He seems super prepared! We also had a great family of four come to the branch!! It was really great!! So we had 15 branch members, 2 missionaries, and 5 non-members that the missionaries brought. I had to lead again and I was way frazzled because we had a bunch of investigators bail, last minute and some of our investigators rolled in late. It was interesting, but good! I love the branch though!

The dentist went well and hopefully I’m all fixed up! Sorry I haven’t sent those letters yet! They are done, but I totally spaced sending them! The fax number was handy for the dentist though! hahah

So as far as our investigators go, John is new and great, Joe is shady, Maria and Stephen came to church with there kids, but I don’t think they were fans, Desmond is getting a little flakey, but still pretty good, Jeff and Alisha are pretty new, but they set baptismal dates and committed to church next week! We have some others, but time will tell if there gonna progress! John and Gerald seem to be progressing the most, but Gerald has a lot to still overcome. Gerald is doing good but bailed on church! His jaw is all messed up and I guess he hasn’t been sleeping! But he said he’d take us fishing today so we went in and bought licenses. Mine was only like 12 bucks, but because Elder McDanel doesn’t have a Canadian drivers license he had to drop like 40 something! I felt way bad, so I bought the rest of the stuff. Gerald called and bailed on fishing though but he gave us rods and we went down to the docs! I have never felt so redneck! I told Elder McDanel as I walked up the dock that if my Dad saw me, he would be slightly ashamed! hahaha But by golly we went fishing! The saddest part is that Elder McDanel got skunked, and I caught one 20-something inch Walleye. It was a nice fish, but we were both discouraged. It would be one thing if we were inexperienced fisherman! haha But we both claim to be pros! Elder McDanel was actually a guide in Alaska for four months! Crazy, right? He said if we wanna go, he can show us some deep sea fishing!! He’s hilarious, but he was not happy about dropping 4o something bucks and then getting skunked! haha I’m not a fan of lake fishing, especially off the dock! Walleye are kinda neat fish though!

But it was a good week and now we’re gonna go rush to get everything done! Funny story for you! There are tons of deer in the city! Like we are tracting and they will be like 10 feet from us, so it’s pretty neat! But people hook up sprinklers with sensors to scare em away! So the other night at around 8:30 we were tracting and all the sudden I got blindsided and coated across the face by a sprinkler! It scared me to death, but we couldn’t stop laughing! The people felt really bad, but wouldn’t let us teach em! But it was a great week! Every day is just so full of ups and downs! We have some good people that I feel so good about! I really hope things work out!

Oh and April passed her interview this week! I set a baptismal date with her the week I left Wildwood and I guess she stuck with it and gets baptized Saturday! Neat stuff! But things are great! I love you all a bunch and hope you have a wonderful week! Mom I sent Elder Wood’s mom’s email to you earlier! Hopefully you got it! Of the 8 in our group only you guys and Elder Wood’s parents are coming! Call em up!! Payton I am so excited for you and I think you are going to the 1- Philippines or 2- Africa! But as far as stateside definitely California Spanish speaking! haha I love you buddy and I know that even if you do go to Butte, you will love every minute of it and see lots of success and you will know that it is were you are supposed to be! Love you all!

Love Elder Smith