Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WOW! Wasn't Conference Great!

Friends and Family,

Hey, it was a crazy, but good week! First off, Mom and family, thank you so much for the Easter package! It made my day!! Also, your emails were great and Dad, I loved yours! You are such a champ! Also Uncle Kellan, thank you soooo much for your letter! I just got it and I loved it!! You are the man! Also Payton, you are stacked!! I would not mess with you! haha Atta boy! I’m so proud of you! Your hard work is paying off for sure! It sounds like you had a blast in Mexico and I’m so happy for ya! I’m also super happy that all went well and now you are home safe and sound!! haha I was worried about you!

Wasn’t conference great!!! WOW!! And it was all about families!! I loved it!! We went into Winnipeg for it and we have been there since Saturday! We just got back into our area and I’m so pumped up and ready to go again!! It was a needed conference session to get me fired up again! I learned so much from conference! We stayed with our zone leaders and so we learned a lot from them too! It’s funny though because my zone leader is Elder Willardson who I served with, so it was so much fun to work with him again! Their area borders Agnes, so I got to go street contacting on the border line street! It helped me to remember that not everyone there excepts what you say either! haha The area doesn’t change anything I am convinced! Some areas just take more patience than others!!

If you missed the Priesthood Session, you all have to get on right now and listen to President Uchtdorf’s talk! It was such a good talk! He talked about patience and I learned sooooo much! Like wow, I could start giving you quotes, but I’d have to quote the whole talk! It was so good! You have to watch it! But after that I realized that I am an extremely impatient person! haha And patience is such a good Christlike attribute to have!! But wow, was his talk good! Please watch it!! Conference was so great!! The only downer was that no investigators made the drive to Winnipeg to watch it! But hopefully we will have some people to church this week!

Just a quick update on everyone. Sandy and her kids are still coming along. She told us that she knows that we are from God, but she doesn’t know that the Book of Mormon is yet. Which is ridiculous! But good at the same time, I guess. She has been praying and I asked her if she has gotten answers yet and she said, "Well, your still here." haha She’s great though and such a great Mom! I think we are gonna have her watch the conference talk about Moms because I loved that one! As for Karl (he’s the one that set a date a year down the road) haha He committed to start reading 45 mins. a day and praying twice a day! We meet with him again tonight and hopefully he will come to church this week! Kristie is coming along, slowly but surely! We painted her kitchen and it was good. But 5 minutes in to it she took away Elder Turner’s brush and said he was doing a bad job! hahaha She’s a perfectionist, but she complemented on my painting skills! I just wanted to tell you this because I thought it’d make Dad proud. Maybe now I’m worthy to help paint in our house... well maybe I’m not quite that good yet! One day! It was a blast and our Branch Mission Leader was there so he got to know her pretty good! It was great and we are going to meet with her in the next couple days! Hopefully she makes it to church this next week too! We set a date with this kid named Chris but he is kinda flakey, so we will see! We also found a lot of other people, but so many people end up being flakey!

But that’s the update for some of the investigators and transfer calls are this week. It’s insane!! Life is flying by and it’s unreal!! It’s so scary because one transfer in Selkirk is about over and who knows how long I have left here! Hopefully all goes well! I know that good things will happen here and I’m hoping to stay around for a little longer!! We will see what happens!! Oh and Agnes update, no news on Akon or Martha but the Obeing family is getting baptized the 17th! There are going to be 6 of them getting baptized! Everyone but there Dad, hopefully all goes well there! I’ll let you know if I get to go see it! It was fun to be with Elder Willardson because we found them!! It was good talking about ‘good old times!’ It’s weird that I have ‘good old times’ to talk about, and they happened while I was on a mission! haha But all is well! Next week I will know if I’m staying or going.

Life is so crazy but so good! The Church is so true! I love all of you so much and I am so grateful for you! I have the best family ever! You are all so amazing!! I love and look up to you so much! Be safe and keep doing everything right! You are the best!!

Love Elder Smith!!