Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Friends and Family!

Hey! It was a great week!! First off, family I got to listen to your tape and wow!! It was amazing! It was soooooo great to hear all of your voices!! Addison, your voice is amazing, and A-rod I know you and Dominique are gonna smack some homers this year! Man, I miss all of you guys! You are the best!! I love and miss you so much! Thank you so much for all that you do! Also, thank you to Grandpa and Grandma and Papa and Grammy! Thank you so much for your love and support and great letters! You gotta stop sending so much money! My comps all feel unloved after serving with me! haha

Alright, well this week was great!! We only had one person to church this week, but it was Carl which is great!! We also set a date with Chris for June and he committed to church next week!! Sandy, Kristie and Sharon all committed to church too for sometime this month, so we will see what happens! We are teaching a ton lately and everything is going great! I’m really starting to love Selkirk!! We also found a great lady named Kristen this week!! She let us help rake her whole lawn and we’ve already taught her the first 2 lessons! She is great and she did her reading and she’s praying! We meet with her again Friday, so hopefully she will make it to church too! We also visited a part member family that lives two hours away! President Anderson took us and the lesson went great and they will hopefully drive in once a month for church and hopefully the dad and kids will set dates soon! The dad reminds me of Jordan Boman! haha Will you see how that kid is doing for me, please! It was great to go there with the President though! He’s a great guy, but a big goof! haha He had me laughing pretty good! haha He was way tired so he was falling asleep while he was driving! haha It was scary, but it kept me talking to him to keep him up!

As for Dad’s bad day with the truck, that gave me a good chuckle! haha I am sure that some neighborhood kid locked the door, Dad!! I believe you! Don’t listen to what anybody else says! You know you didn’t lock the keys in! haha Man, I love and miss you guys! haha But I wish I would have been there! I actually learned how to break into a car last week! haha Some people had locked themselves out and they got a clothes hanger to reach in and unlock it! They were working on it with no success and we walked up. I asked how it was going and they weren’t haven much luck. But we got talking and I asked to try. Somehow I got lucky and got it! It was great and they got a kick out of the fact that a Mormon Missionary broke into their car. It was funny, but then I felt bad because it probably didn’t look the best. haha

But it was a great week! Good things are happening here! We have been so blessed!! Missions are so great! Mom as for your talk topic, I wish I could help more but checkout Alma 7. I love what it says about the Atonement! Also try Mosiah 14. I don’t have my scripts with me but I know those two are really good! But you will do great and please send me your talk when you are done! I’d love to read it!! Also, thank you so much for the pics in the email! I love them! Make sure you save all the emails you send me please!

Finally, TRANSFERS! Elder Turner is headed to Winnipeg and I’m staying and I’M TRAINING!! haha I’m like sooo excited but soooo nervous!! I still feel like I’m a new missionary! I don’t know what’s going on! I really hope I get a stud and hopefully I will do okay! It’s sooo weird though because I was just trained! And I’ve only been Senior one transfer! I barley know how to do that! But I go down Wednesday night and I’ll meet him Thursday morning! First I guess they train us to be trainers, haha! Which will be crazy because Elder Riding (he has been an assistant for over a year) just got released as assistant and he will be training too. I look up to him soo much! He is such a stud and I’ll get to be there and learn from him and the assistants and President and all the other trainers. It’s gonna be so neat, but it’s super intimidating. We get to meet them at the Paulson’s mission home and then when they are done talking to us, we will get to meet our new missionary. I’m way nervous but its gonna be super neat! And we get to eat Sister Paulson’s food for lunch! So that’ll be good! haha

That’s the news for the week! I will fill you in next week on the new guy! Hopefully, all goes well! I love you all so much and I’m so grateful for all that you do for me!! You guys are all so great! Keep up the great work!!

Love Elder Smith!