Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Friends and Fam!

Hey! Sounds like you had a great week!! Thank you so much for the catchup! It’s great, but man it’s gonna be weird when I realize that you guys are still living a life too! haha I kind of forget that new stuff is happening there too! Payton, please stay healthy! Don’t overdo at the camp!! Wait and mess up the kids at the game! Your favorite line should be, “I’m a gamer!” haha Everyone knows you’ve worked hard, so just stay healthy and be a (former player’s name omitted) at practice! haha Also, great pick for the dance she’s cute! I’m glad your dating around! You’re a champ!! Put on more weight so I can wear your clothes when I get home! You are looking good!! I want your shoes! Man I miss you Payt! I love ya a ton! The Jeep is looking good! You’re a champ!

Mom, Dad, Alex and Addison, I miss you a ton! Mom thank you so much for the pics! They were great and they cracked me up! And my birthday is still a ways away! But I was wondering if you could send me some cd’s. There is a great one called Nearer. It should be at LDS bookstore. It is so good! It’s church hymns sung a little different. I think you all will really like it! Also, if you could send all of the EFY cd’s 2006-2010. I like having good music for all of the driving we do. Also, the jump drive is on the way! It’s got like 600 pictures on it and a couple videos! Enjoy! That’s all I wanted but I was also hoping you could get Karl a set of scriptures. I love that kid a ton and I want give him one before I go. I know they are spendy, but I really want to give it to him! His full name is Karl Harry Helbig, if you could get them engraved. I don’t care which one you get but if you could do that it would be great!! You’d probably have to send it pretty soon because transfers are coming up again! Also, let me know if you can get one for Chris, too. He isn’t priority, but I just have gotten really close with Karl.

This week was kind of frustrating, but good! No district meeting because it’s Zone Conference week! Kimberly didn’t come to church and she has kinda been giving us the cold shoulder, so we don’t know what to do! We will give her a couple day break and see what happens! Ben is doing good and still working for his date in September, but he has some issues with tithing. But he’s been taught everything and he still wants to work for his date! He’s great! Chris didn’t make it to church because of work this week! Since his baptism he has been up and down and it’s been pretty hard, but he’s a champ! I feel like I’m never in my area anymore! There are so many meetings and exchanges, which gets hard when Winnipeg is 30 minutes away! Elder Platt has been great at picking up the slack though! I bet he goes senior next transfer and all he will know is me and Selkirk!

I got to go on exchange with Elder Leonard, who is my Zone Leader now and it was so great! He has a heart of gold, and no home to go back too! haha His parents are now serving in St. George as the Mission Presidents and his brother leaves on his mission soon, crazy! The exchange was so great and get this, Emanuel moved into their area, so we got to teach him! aaahhhhhh! It was the greatest! I love that man soooooo much!! It was the best and it felt like good old times in Agnes! Emanuel is a solid member with such a strong testimony! After seeing him. . . just that was worth giving up two years!! It was the best!! Elder Ewell’s brother also leaves soon, so he will end up not seeing him for like 40 months, insane!

My district is good, but I’m sooooo sick of stupid missionaries! One companionship went to a Priesthood meeting that they weren’t supposed to and had a sleepover with other missionaries and then they got caught, which I don’t get because there’s no way you don’t get caught! ahhh! Their stupid! But I had to deal with that! That’s fun, especially when both of them have been out over a year!

We are teaching some other good people but one of them is crazy. He has a heart of gold and his name is Lauren. He’s way good but he says some crazy stuff! He came to church and liked it, but he really is a little crazy! Any advise on how to handle slightly crazy people? I love him and he set a baptismal date, and he is keeping commitments, but he says some crazy stuff!! Fill me in if anyone has ideas.

We are teaching some other good people, but I’ll fill you in on them another time. I’m out of time but I love you all a ton!! Grandpa and Grandma, thank you so much for your letters! You are the best! Grandpa, thanks a ton for your letter and the history you sent! It was great!! Grandma and Grandpa I sent you a package and I hope it got there! Let me know if you can. I love all of you guys sooo much! I have the greatest family ever! Everybody stay safe and healthy! AND KEEP PAYTON HEALTHY! Less time with the ladies and more time stretching! haha Alex, I wanna hear from you! Let me know if you are playing football and what your plans are for the fall!! Addi, I need a gymnastics update! Love you guys!

Love, Elder Smith!!