Thursday, July 22, 2010


Friends and Family!

Hey! Thank you so much for your great emails! Sorry I’m emailing so late in the week! Things have been crazy and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to email! Just remember that no news is good news! Addison, you are such a beautiful girl! You look so old and I’m really nervous for when you grow into those cute teeth! haha Payton, you are a punk! Hopefully you are having a blast at Lake Powell!! Be safe and smart! Football is coming up! By the way when do 2 a days start? Mom, before I forget to tell you, that is so neat that you got the package from Akon! I knew you’d like it! Just so you know that wasn’t the greatest lesson or talk on the video. But after she recorded that baptism talk they started making the announcement at baptisms that no video cameras are allowed. Funny stuff! Also, I was gonna tell you not to be offended that the clothes she sent you were huge. They wear all of there clothes super baggy. So just be offended that she thought you were taller! hahaha Also, the kid from Rigby did make it. His name is Ben Skinner. I don’t know who’s training him though. There was also a kid from Idaho Falls too but i didn’t meet either of them!

As for other updates, this week was good, but we had to drop one of our baptismal dates, but we set another one. And EVERYONE bailed for church this Sunday which was super frustrating but Lauren (the new baptismal date we set) made it. Kimberly wasn’t ready and she just can’t quit smoking. It’s so hard! Ben was doing good but we taught him tithing and he has really thrown on the brakes. He hasn’t been to church in a couple weeks and he hasn’t had time to meet with us. We are meeting with him tonight though, so hopefully that goes well! Karl and Chris are doing great! So that’s good news! Karl has even let us teach some of his friends in his house! Matthew Leforte is doing well and so hopefully things with his date in September workout!

So, I have officially knocked every door in Selkirk! Some even 2 or 3 times! haha If you look on the Selkirk map, every street that it shows I have tracted every door. haha It’s kind of insane. We have found so many great people! But now I don’t know what to do. It’s hard to have faith to go knock them over again! We have been tracting in other towns and on the outskirts but we have limited kilometers, so it makes it interesting! Any ideas?

District meeting went great this week! And I stayed up for the whole meeting! haha We talked about and practiced extending a baptismal commitment in the first lesson. I love doing it, but most missionaries have never done it. Elder Green, in my district, has been out 6 months and he has never extended a baptismal commitment. PERIOD! Which is crazy, but I committed everyone to try it and, get this! That night Elder Green and Elder Morris did it in a first lesson with someone and they accepted! They called me and they were so excited! It was really neat!!

I also went on an exchange with Elder Brown yesterday. It went well, but he has been out 18 months, so it’s really hard to find a way to help him because he has been out double what I have. Any ideas? It was a good exchange and he worked hard but there were things I wanted to tell him but didn’t just because I didn’t know how to go about it. It’s so hard to help people without coming off as self righteous or cocky! But it went well. If you do have any advise, let me know.

Family, I love you all so much! sorry my email is all over again, but I gotta go! love ya a ton and best of luck with the week! Love Elder Smith!