Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Atta boy Payt!!! Mr. Skyline 2011, man, I was so happy with the news!! I can't say I’m surprised though!! I called that one years ago!! hahaha That’s great!! Mom that news about the Disneyland trip for the Newton Family is sooo neat!! Tell them I say hello!! It sounds like you guys are just doing great!! I loved all your emails!! Dad, get feeling better!! I feel bad because it sounds like you aren’t doing too well!! Keep me posted!!

So once again I’m sorry for the speeding ticket!! It’s so frustrating! I’ll be paying up tomorrow. Hopefully they are kind AGAIN. So this week was just insane! Sounds like you heard the news already. I was so upset at first, it was funny because we’re all at President Paulson’s niece’s baptism on Friday. Ronald came to it and it was a blast! But they rounded up all the missionaries there and gave transfer calls. President started going through them and he told me mine and I said, "what?" in a confused, not so happy tone. haha So he said it again and I leaned over to Elder Leonard and asked again because it didn’t really click! Then I asked Elder Leonard like 2 more times! hahaha I was so caught off guard and it was super sad because Ronald is getting baptized on the 7th, and Bruce on the 14th! It was super hard and sad to tell him I wouldn’t be there! Elder Woods had my back and talked to him about moving it up so I could see it and he was all game but he had family that wouldn’t be able to make it and I just didn’t feel good about it so I had him keep it. It was so hard! Ronald is sooooooo amazing!!! And soooo ready!! He will be such an amazing member!!! I love him and his family so much!! I know I’ve blown all my money on speeding tickets but can we get him scriptures??? His name is Ronaldo Hitalia Domingo. Send the normal size that you sent everyone else. Elder Lovelace is getting him a case for them. Thank you so much family!! You are amazing!! Don’t send me anymore packages!!! I don't need anything!! You’re the best! He is such an amazing man with such a soft heart!! I love him and his family so much!! If you could do that, I’ll have Elder Woods or Elder Lovelace give them to him when they get here!! Thanks sooo much!! But his baptism I’m sure will be great!! They said they would send you pictures. But man things here are going so well right now!! I love this area so much!! I’m so sad to be leaving! Like it is such a weird thing because I feel just sick inside about it!!! Winnipeg is just home now! All 3 of my areas have all bordered each other! It’s so crazy! I love it here so much!! Ronald is doing amazing, Bruce is great!! Laury is close and there are lots of other people that are close too!! I have loved this area so much!! It will be so hard to leave the great members, especially Edilyn and Maritess and their crew!! They are so great!!! Also Nathen and Maria are just amazing!! We get to go see them tonight! He came to the fireside on Sunday and he loved it!! I gave them your email too! Amie and Godwin are doing so great too!! It was sad this week though because they moved to BC. We got them in touch with the bishop and hopefully they will love it there. It was definitely hard to see them go though! They are such great people!! Also this week Belatu knew I was going to the fireside so she made supper and brought it to me!! It was so good!! I love her so much and it’s so good to see her!! Tim Jackson was there too and it was hilarious because I was sitting there talking to President Paulson before the fireside and Tim Jackson got there early. He saw me and ran over and while President is mid sentence Tim full-on bear hugs me! hahahaha It was hilarious and so great!! President Paulson didn’t know what to do! It cracked me up!! Tim is doing so great!! His girlfriend got baptized and they will probably get married soon!! Sooo exciting!! Sorry I’m jumping all over the place, I just have so much to say! haha Back to the baptism, after it finally clicked in that I was getting moved and I was definitely down, but I went and broke the news to Ronald and he was pretty down and President came over. I felt bad because it was kind of awkward. It’s super sad to leave, but it will be good! I guess I knew I had to leave at some point. So I am no longer a Zone Leader! woo woo! It was a blast and I learned a ton! But it will be great to get out of a lot of the busy work stuff! But turns out I’m going to an amazing ward and there will just be one set of missionaries for the whole ward! woo woo. Here’s the catch, it’s a threesome! I’m super nervous! 3 missionaries, new ward, new province! I've been stressen it for sure!! I don’t know much about the other elders but hopefully all goes well!! I’ll be a district leader though so it will be fun because I’ll get to teach district meetings again and still get to work with other missionaries, but hopefully not so much busy work! I have loved Winnipeg so much though! It’s just such a hard, scary thing to leave!! Oh, before I forget.. we had stake coordination with the stake president this week again and his son is in Idaho Falls!! He lives by the temple!!! He is probably in Gma and Gpa’s ward!! You should definitely feed him!!! It would be super great to get to know his family better, they are amazing!! Look him up! It’s Elder Robison!!

Other updates... we have now taught Laury everything and she committed to live the Word of Wisdom!! She is doing everything, but getting baptized and she is in Alma! She is so great and will hopefully pull the trigger soon!!! We found a great new lady this week named Joelle who is super prepared!! Hopefully something happens there!! Man sorry my mind is just scrambled! Sis. Avila said she emailed you!! Please thank her so much for all the food she gives us! She is so good to us! Thank Ronald too! They are such an amazing family!! Things here are just going so well!! I’m so grateful to be a missionary! I’m so grateful for my amazing family! I’m so grateful for the gospel!! It’s the Best!! I love you all so much and I’ll give you details about everything next week!! Thank you so much for all that you do!! Please save all my emails because I have had NO time to keep up my journal and I feel terrible about it!! haha If my emails don’t make sense, ask questions so I can feel ya in!! Stay safe and have a great week and email Edilyn if you have any questions about Ronald’s scriptures or anything else!! You are so amazing and I love and miss you all a bunch! Have a great week!!! Love Elder Smith!!!