Monday, May 2, 2011



Man, all kinds of crazy news this week eh!? Alex you are a beast!! I want more pics of you playing!! Mom and Dad you are amazing! Thank you so much for the package this week and thank you for sending that stuff for Ronald!! You are sooo great!! Man I love and miss you all so much and I can’t wait to talk to you!! I’m so excited for Kegan!! He will love it there so much! I’m so jealous that he gets to learn Tagolog! Edilyn tried to teach me and the little that I learned is gold for getting into Filipino’s homes!! He will love the filipino people!! Family, you are amazing!! Thank you so much for all that you do!! I love you a ton!

Alright, so this week was another crazy one!! I guess Mom looking at my credit card spoiled the good news of the first crazy thing! hahaha Elder Lovelace was behind me listening and he joked about how the trick to getting tickets off is to have a broken heart and a contrite spirit! In the middle of my explanation, the lady said "It looks like you already got a photo cop here?" and I said "Well mam, this is actually my third... but......" hahaha I was super lucky and blessed, I guess! She knocked it from 216$ down to 75$! I was pretty happy. But the rest of the week was pretty hard! It was so hard to say good bye to Edilyn and Maritess and Ronald! It was way hard to say goodbye to everyone, but they were the worst!! Please email them all and tell them I miss em!! They are so great though! They all fed me and Ronald and the Avilas bought me a bunch of Canadian stuff and Ronald gave me fresh mangos that came fresh from his friend in the Philippines! haha They were sooo good!! I love mangos!! But it was really hard to leave!! I’m so excited to hear news of his baptism this week!!! I’ll probably get to call him on saturday and I can tell you about it on Sunday!!

So the day before transfers we went to and appointment with Brother Gibson (one of my favorite members) and he took us out to eat fish and chips at this nice restaurant!! It was way good but it the middle of the meal we get a call and then a text from President Paulson that says call asap. So we went into the washroom and called him and got word that a missionary isn’t coming and so I wouldn’t be in a threesome. It was good and bad news. President said the other missionary was the one he wanted me to work with the most, but it wasn’t going to work out, so I’m not in a threesome anymore. So I finished saying good byes to everyone and we took off on the long trek to Saskatoon!! Man it was terrible!! Such a long, painful drive! And I have to drive back this week for a day for a training meeting for all of the district and zone leaders. It’s terrible!! It was fun and different though, but sitting for so long makes you lose your mind!! haha I got to stop and sleep in Regina with Elder Platt and Elder Bileu and that was a blast! It was fun to see Elder Platt! He is doing a lot of great work! But we finally made it to Saskatoon! I am soooooo Winnipeg home sick!!! haha Like man, I didn’t know I was so attached to that city. I was just so comfortable there because I knew my way around the city and I knew so many amazing people! It felt a little like being in the MTC again! But it wore off fast!! This city is wonderful and this ward is amazing!!! This ward functions so good!! It’s kind of like an Idaho or Utah ward because there are a ton of RM’s and there wives here at school!! It is just such a great atmosphere!! Our area has the University in it and so we talk to a ton of young couples that are great!!! And there are some great people here that are super prepared!! One of them is a man named Maricio! He just married his wife and she is a member and great!! We taught them a couple days ago and they are so good! Hopefully we can set a date with him soon!! There are lots of great things going on and the ward is so supportive!! I still miss Winnipeg sooooooo much but I’m excited to see what will happen here! I’m hoping this is my last area so I can just work it to death for the next 6 months!! It’s a great place! My companion’s name is Elder Porter. He is from Northern Arizona and he is super diligent, humble and quite! I’m so excited about what will happen here! But my times up! I love you all so much!! You are wonderful!! Good luck with everything!! I love you all a ton!!

Love Elder Smith!

P.S. I don’t know what will happen with the call! I’ll try and call just before supper! And I think you will need a phone card because we won’t be at a members, sorry, new area.

Love you