Monday, June 27, 2011


Hey Family!

ALEX YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH CHEEAAAA BOOOIIIII!!!! BUDDY GRAND SLAM!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??!! HAHA man buddy you are sooo great!! I am sooo proud of you!! Keep up the great work!! That is sooo exciting! Payton, I can't believe you are an Elder! That’s crazy! You will love Elders Quorum! haha I’m so proud of you but I can't believe you are so old!! It’s crazy!!! Mom, I just got off the phone with Sister Poulton and she said you were on the other line! haha Weird! Thanks so much for doing that! Bishop Ledding finally got things figured out for me. He is such a great man! He is a convert and now a bishop and a doctor. He was planning on being a Catholic Priest and he has an amazing conversion story, but he has had funerals and weddings and all kinds of stuff and he finally got the prescription for me! I feel bad bugging him with it, but it should all fall into place! Hopefully our insurance covers it. Sister Poulton told me you just want me to do it, so we will see what happens. Oh the mail system here is on strike and has been for like 2 weeks. So if anybody sent mail, sorry I haven’t said anything about it. And if nobody sent mail... don’t think I’m trying to make you feel guilty hahaha just given ya the heads up! Only in Canada! hahah Dad, as far as next week goes I really don't know if we will be emailing or not. I don’t think there is a holiday, but in Canada the odds of it being a holiday are better than it not, haha so we will see!

Preston is coming home!?! How crazy is that!! Tell him to fill me in when he’s home! Also, when does Landon get home? It’s soon isn’t it? Let me know! (:

Well this week was good! We had Zone Conference and it was a well needed boost!! It was so good to see Elder Woods!! We got to catch up and I got an update on all the Winnipeg stuff! Edilyn sent me these super neat Filipino pillow cases with my name on them! They are so neat and lime green! She is so great! It sounds like everybody for the most part is doing well!! Elder Woods isn’t going to Utah State ): But hopefully he will end up somewhere in Utah in the next year or so! We will see. Zone Conference was great but super weird! Everyone that I looked up to has gone home or is about to go home! haha It’s so crazy!! This week was good! We had people out to church and found a couple great new families! All of our progressing investigators cancelled all of their appointments this week though! aaaahhh! So lame! But it was still a good week!! I really have loved it!! I know I have said this a lot before, haha but this area has been more humbling than any other area!! It’s so easy to get cocky and confident but this is definitely the Lord’s work and the Lord’s timing. I have learned a ton! And I feel like the area is so close to breaking out and seeing some success!! It just requires so much patience! Everyone we are teaching could be such a great kingdom builder! Mauricio is soooo golden!! I just wish he would get answers already! haha He will get baptized...... eventually! The Hiddodi family is so good to but so busy! And Courtney is golden but too busy too!! We are finding people every week, but we just keep going through them and then the fall off the wagon!! It scares me so much how fast time is passing!! It’s been a year this weekend since Karl was baptized!! That’s sooo crazy! I am so grateful for the wonderful experiences I get to have everyday! I’m so grateful for my amazing family! I am so blessed! Sorry my email has been all over the place today! haha

I’m short on time, but I guess I’ll end with a funny story! So in Canada there are lots of apartment buildings... and my whole mission I have been so frustrated that it’s so hard to get to teach these people! So last week in the rain we got the great idea to find, while buzzing! haha And it has been great! haha Like we have found ton of great people, buzzing apartments and then talking to people! But the other day we got let in to the 3rd floor so we sprinted up and they said no, so we went back down and buzzed a different one and got buzzed again to the 3rd floor, haha and rejected again!! This happened 3 times in a row and it was a hot day! haha We were struggling for air and trying to stop laughing!! It’s funny because finding definitely gets old, but man I just love being a missionary! It can be so hard some days, but I’m so happy all the time!! Life is just so great! Even though it’s been harder to see success, I am sooo grateful to be a missionary! I am so grateful for the gospel!! I love sharing it with people!! Missions are the best and if I could, I would definitely want to be in Payt’s spot right now!! haha Life is so much better with a lot of mission ahead of you!! haha But I love you all sooo much!! I am so grateful for all that you do!! Have a wonderful week!!

Love Elder Smith!!!