Monday, July 4, 2011

HAPPY CANADA DAY! I've finally mastered "OH CANADA"

Hey Fam!

Preston is home?!? That’s crazy!! You guys need to give me more details on what he is like!? haha Was English hard for him? What was his talk like? What’s he like!? Have him write me and say hello! Oh and I saw Brennan in the picture! What’s his story? Did he go on a mish or is he getting married or what? Fill me in!

Alex, I’m so excited for you with this whole Chukars team thing!! That’s so great! You are an all star! Payt I liked hearing about the firework war! haha I’m glad we saved that yellow sweatshirt! We need to hang it up or something!!! Mom and Dad, thanks so much for the help with the meds! I hope it isn’t too costly!! Don't stress how I’m handling it though!! I’m doing great! I’m drinking lots and sunscreen-en’ up!! It should be all good!! I do have another item of concern though! haha Well, I haven’t been to the dentist in a long time and I had a tooth with a small black indent. haha Nothing serious, but just one of my back teeth. It is just kind of sensitive every once in awhile. It really doesn’t bug me at all but I just don’t wanna loose a tooth! haha I am fine, but I wanna see if you can get me signed up for an appointment right when I get back. And I wanted to make sure it was ok to wait till then? It isn’t big at all, just like the size of a pin tip, but I’m pretty sure it’s a cavity. Let me know if it’s ok for me to just wait. AND DON’T STRESS IT! (: haha

Things here are going great though!! I just got news today that Elder Lovelace (Patrick) is engaged!! Creepy, right!?! haha We we all saw it coming. His girlfriend waited for him! Crazy stuff! He’s been home like 4 weeks, tops hahah RM’s are getting married right and left! I think I’d like to extend! Creepy stuff! Things here are going well though!! Brother Kahn (the new, half muslim man) is really good and we have had some great lessons with him! We did exchanges to PA again this week and things didn’t go great, but definitely better than last time! haha We taught Carlos and Danidsa and they are super good! They are the couple from Mexico and they are a little flakey sometimes but super good! Mauricio and the Hiddodi family bailed again this week! We haven’t taught them forever!! We have an appointment with Mauricio for this week though so hopefully it goes through! Canada Day was good! I now know have “Oh Canada” mastered! haha We had a breakfast with the ward and it was great! We had investigators come and it was a really good time! Tracting was slow but the for supper, members fed us good!! It was a good day, but man do I miss the 4th of July! hahah It is such a great holiday!! I hope you guys all have a great day!!

The week was good, but kind of slow! We had some good people that were committed to coming to church, but then only one person showed! Her name is Christina and she has been flakey the last couple weeks! But then she came to church and it was wonderful!! She is the amazing artist and she is so good!! Testimony meeting was wonderful and perfect for her! Like 4 or 5 converts bore there testimonies on their conversion stories! It was so good and she had some great questions! After the first convert spoke she leaned over and said, "So does it usually take only 3 weeks after people start meeting with you before they get baptized?” haha Inside I was thinking "Yes! Actually you should already be baptized!” She is super good and in 2nd Nephi! She’s been reading everyday! She loved church and I was worried about our gospel principles class because there are some crazy people in it! haha One of the less actives was there and he asked an iffy question about the Holy Ghost! I was about to dive in for the save, haha but before I could, Christina started talking AND RESOLVED HIS CONCERN!! haha crazy! When we found her she said she was an Atheist and now she is resolving concerns about the Holy Ghost! She said she would be at church a couple weeks ago and she bailed, so this was her first time there and the members smothered her! It was so good!! I think she really enjoyed it! Then a member invited her and us over for supper! It was so great! I really hope she sets a date this week! She will be a powerhouse member!! Hopefully all goes well! Since she figured out everyone feeds us, she is feeding us this Tuesday before our lesson!! It’s so great!! I’m gonna try and get her to email you guys so you can get to know her and do what you do! Things always go better when my investigators email my Mom! haha I’m way excited about her and I think great things are going to happen! Things have been so slow and I feel like if she sets a date that a lot of other things will catch on fire and things will start moving with our other investigators! It seems like success breeds more success!! But things here are great!! I love and miss you all a ton and I’m so grateful that things are going well! Keep me posted and have a great week!! Love Elder Smith