Monday, June 13, 2011


Hey Family!

Thank you so much for the emails! You are all so wonderful! Mom and Dad you never cease to amaze me! I can't believe the papers that you got here so fast! I have felt bad about it since I got them! haha I feel like the second I ask for anything you all drop everything you are doing and do what I ask. You are amazing and I’m so sorry that all my life I seem to be asking!! Thank you so much though! I’m so sorry to put you through the hassle! I got the papers to the doctor, but I feel bad cus I hope he doesn’t think I’m just trying to take advantage of him. At this point I have given him all I can and now it’s just kind of a waiting game because I don’t wanna be to obnoxious about following up with him! haha Man if you thought I was annoying with following up with doctors before my mission, you should see me now that I have followed up with people everyday for the last year and awhile, hahahah. Hopefully he will get on it but I have a feeling it might take awhile. But thank you sooo much for all of the help! You are so wonderful!! I love and miss all of you a bunch! Sister Poulton called me and said "Your mom is a great lady and she misses you a lot." I just smiled and said "I know" haha You are all the best!!

Well first off, I have a funny story!! So this week we tracted A TON again and we were tracting and I street contacted a guy on the road and he walked by me quickly and yelled, "In a better world all Mormons would be hung for heresy." I grinned and said “Have a good day sir." In the sweetest voice I could muster. He then yelled back, "Go to H***!" I don't know why situations like this have become so hilarious, but man they keep ya going after hours of tracting. And I can honestly say I am a proud Mormon! I think I like the situations cus they give me a little adrenaline and I’ve learned to keep my temper a lot better! Missions are such an interesting thing! haha They are the best!!

So this week once again started a little slow. Transfers came and went. Elder Duncan is a good ol’ Virginia boy. He’s a good kid and hopefully we will see lots of great things happen together! We worked so hard this week and tracted soooo much and it was so frustrating because we seriously were finding no one!! We went and taught Jelena and the lesson blew up! Her mom had gotten into more anti or something but she was all fired up! Eventually her mom left, after getting into it with us and the lesson went ok! It was definitely frustrating! So I was a little down about that and about the fact that we hadn't found anyone new the whole week!! But then on Saturday, we had a great lesson with the Hiddoddi's (the rich muslim family). They are soooo amazing and I love them to death! We then had a great lesson with Maricio and he committed to fast on Sunday. Then that night we tracted into a wonderful Filipino family! I whipped out all the Tagalong that I had and they loved it! haha They let us in and we had a great lesson with their family and we are teaching them next week! It was so great! Then Sunday morning rolled around and everything fell in to place perfectly! Jelena made it just by herself and had a great time and she got fellow shipped like crazy by all of the members and a lot of the single girls and guys that are here from Alberta selling security systems. She had a great time and is going to the young single adult FHE tonight! Maricio fasted and had a good time at church and get this!!! The Muslim family followed us to church in there brand new SUV Infinity, leather interior and all! It was sooooo great!! They got eaten alive by fellowship!! Hopefully they liked it!! haha They are sooo great!!

So Sunday was wonderful! But after church we had no appointments and we were fasting, so we tracted till supper! It was a tiring stressful day but it was soooooo great!! I sure hope that things workout with all of these people! they are all so amazing!! Things here are going so good though!! Everything is a little different than any of my other areas but I think I’m finally getting into the groove of things here! I really hope these people all continue to progress because I love them sooo much!! It’s funny because in every area I say, wow if just this person would come to the knowledge of the fulness of the gospel and be baptized, my mission would be worth it all just for them! haha And then that person gets baptized and it’s so wonderful and you meet someone else that you love just as much and you say it again! haha Sharing the gospel is sooooo wonderful!! And it’s so great to see people keep commitments and receive answers to their prayers and get baptized! It is the best!! These people here are so great and I want it for them so bad!! Hopefully all works out!! Please keep them in your prayers!!

Things are going so great here though!! Thank you for all of your love and support!! You are so wonderful!! Don’t worry about me or my zits at all!! haha everything is under control and everything will work out the way that it should!! I love you all a ton! Have a great week!

Love Elder Smith