Monday, June 6, 2011


Hey family!

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful emails! It sounds like it was a great week for all of you! Payton, I can't believe you are graduated! That’s just crazy! It sounds like all of the parties were just a blast! I loved all of the pictures! But what was wrong with Papa's eye?? Is everything ok? Fill me in if ya can please. Also thanks for all you do with the doctor stuff! The bishop in our ward is trying to get me the medication. Tuns out that there are only two dermatologists in all of Saskatoon, so they are both backed up like 6 months. But Bishop Ledding said he will find me a good doctor that will prescribe it, but I am kind of at his mercy, so hopefully he will get on it. But I will keep you posted.

So this week was a good one. It started out really slow but it picked up a lot in the end of the week! The district meeting went really well. It was a lot different and a little crazy but it went good and hopefully it helped! It’s fun to get to teach missionaries every week again.

We found a lot of good people this week! One of which is an amazing artist! Her stuff looks like the real thing and it is done with colored pencils! But she is super good! Also we got to teach Jelena's mom Nina and it went super good! We finished doing service for her and she has softened sooo much! Jelena is doing soo good and she and her mom and her daughter Isabella all came to church! They had a great time! But, haha Isabella is only 2 and she ran up across the stand in Sacrament meeting! aaaahhh! She is crazy!! We figured if the people her want make fast and testimony meeting normal and super great then we will bring crazy investigators to make it crazy! It just wouldn't be normal if crazy stuff didn't happen! HAHA THIS WARD IS SOOO AMAZING AND SO SUPPORTIVE!!! They just eat up investigators and they are so much help!

Maricio made it to church, but he was to busy to meet with us this week! aah! So frustrating! He is so good! I wish he would just get baptized already! Courtney made it to church too! It felt great to have people come!! Hopefully they keep coming!!

We have been tracting a ton still! haha We tracted like 22 hours this week! haha We have definitely seen blessings from doing it though!! We taught a wonderful Muslim man for the first time this week and we taught him in the church! It went great and he should be at church next week! Also, get this!!! Remember the wonderful, super rich Muslim family I told you about last week!? So this week we confirmed the appointment the night before and then we showed up and JEHOVAH WITNESSES are in teaching them!! aaaahhh! haha So we walked in and sat down next to them and it was super awkward! haha The Muslim family is so nice though and they asked us if we want tea and we said no thanks, water is good, and the J Dubs smirk and giggle a little, haha I wanted to say “No, but we'd love to donate blood or come to your birthday party!” haha But I held my tongue! haha They were really nice though! haha And they left quick! Turns out they don’t have a closing prayer! Or maybe they were nervous because we were there so they just got out fast! They were a pretty old couple and all the ones that knock doors that I have ran into have been super nice! But after they left, it was great because the investigators questions set up the Apostacy and Restoration perfectly! We had a wonderful lesson and they committed to coming to church next week! woop woop!

Also on Friday, because we helped Nina, she had us over for supper and a lesson! IT WAS SOOOO GOOD AND SHE WENT FROM BEING SUPER ANTI, TO REALLY LOVING US AND COMING TO CHURCH!! It was neat because we had been struggling to get people to church and we fasted for it and lots came! It was a great ending to a great week!!

Oh, and transfer calls came!! Elder Porter is going to PA and I am staying here! I am getting an Elder Duncan. I’m super nervous because he is only a transfer younger than me and kind of a rebellious kid! haha Hopefully we will hit it off good! He seems nice and funny. I guess we will see what happens! I’m nervous but really excited! Hopefully I will grow a lot! I’m sad to see Elder Porter go! He is a diligent beast!! He is such a hard worker! He will be senior now and he will tear it up!! Funny story! haha He is actually senior with Elder Turner! The same one I was first senior with over a year ago! haha Elder Turner is great though! They will do good!!

Well things here are going great! The ward is wonderful and we are teaching some great people!! Elder Leonard and Elder Lovelace go home in 4 days and it is sooo sad! haha He’s called a ton this week, he is such a good missionary and friend! I will miss him a ton! He saw Akon this week and promised her that we would be there in October, haha so we are on lock! It’s stressen’ me out! I love you all a ton!! Thank you so much for your love and support! Have a great week!!

Love Elder Smith